Gaya Cosmetics Eye Shadows

February 17, 2015

You know I’m the girl when it comes to trying out brands that are pretty new and not many people know about. When I was contacted by Gaya Cosmetics, the first thing I did was search the internet to see what other people thought of the brand and unfortunately I didn’t really find anything much, just 3 or 4 little reviews, this however (being me) didn’t put me off at all so I happily agreed to road test some products and share my thoughts so this post is all about the Gaya Cosmetics Eye Shadows but first, a little intro on the company.

Gaya Cosmetics was founded in 2010 in Italy with just one thing in mind, true concern for each and every woman’s skin. With a belief that a woman’s face is her most precious asset, Gaya Cosmetics searched for the very best, most gentle, most efficient ingredients available; ones that would both beautify the skin and nurture it, preserving its youth over time.

Gaya Cosmetics

“Gaya Cosmetics’ Mineral Makeup is made of 100% natural ingredients, including Mica, a natural ingredient with medicinal qualities; Titanium Dioxide, a natural UV filter; and Zinc, which absorbs moisture and heals the skin. All of our mineral makeup products are chemical-free, Paraben-free and fragrance-free, and are enriched with natural ingredients that benefit and treat the skin. The skincare line is enriched with powerful vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs and acids that work in synergy to add elasticity and moisture, preserve the skin’s texture and reduce visible signs of aging”

Gaya Mineral products are:

Dermatologically tested
Hold Cosmetic Product Dossier
Environmentally friendly
Not tested on animals

So, back to the Gaya Cosmetics Eye Shadows. I have to shades that I have been trying out and I can’t quite believe just how good they are; first of all the are extremely pigmented. They glide onto the eyelid and blend like a dream without creasing or dropout. They stay put all day and don’t start fading or smudging around the eyes.

Gaya Cosmetics Eye Shadows Gaya Cosmetics Eye Shadows Gaya Cosmetics Eye Shadows

There are a staggering 26 Shades of these beauties to choose from that cover a wide range of colours from natural creams and browns to blues and greens and, even purples and pinks.

The packaging is absolutely stunning, I love the wooden lid detail and the colour box each shadows comes packaged inside.

These are definitely going to be staying in my makeup bag and seeing a lot of action!

You too can buy the Gaya Cosmetics Eye Shadows directly from the Gaya Cosmetics website (£16) or their Amazon store (£15).

Keep watching this space as I have more posts on Gaya Cosmetics coming soon and even a freaking awesome giveaway 🙂

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  • Reply Jess Halloway

    beautiful colours! they looks so pretty.

  • Reply Valentina Marie Bernard

    Love hearing about newer brands and one with good ethics is always such a goof find. Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to hearing about more.

  • Reply Alexia

    Wow they are so pigmented and so glittery gold. x

  • Reply Charlotte Hope

    Cute little pots. The wooden lids look so smart. xx

  • Reply Georgina

    Sounds like a great brand. Cute packaging and those colours looks lovely!

  • Reply Megan Jones

    Oh my god those are so pretty! I love golds, bronzes and browns, these look perfect.

  • Reply Sparkle Fairy

    Beautiful xx

  • Reply April Young

    Looks like a lovely brand!

  • Reply Eliza Jones

    Lovely colours. x

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