Getting Healthy With Balance Box

October 7, 2013

I have recently had the pleasure of trying out Balance Box for three days and I must say it was pretty amazing.

Jennifer Irvine has created Balance Box only using fresh, ethically sourced ingredients and expert chefs and nutritionists who really love what they do, balance box is delivering nationwide and we are super excited that more people will be able to enjoy our delicious food designed to make you feel healthier, achieve weight loss and save you time.

Balance Box

A Few Things Balance Box Say

“We take away all the temptation and deliver all your daily food requirements direct to your door. Designed by foodies, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. There is absolutely no need to plan, shop or chop while on balance box.”

WWe believe that ethically sourced food results in a well balanced body and mind (we aren’t hippies, I promise, though we do like going bare foot in the office). We don’t neglect any food groups and focus on providing nutritious great tasting food. This is real, seasonal, tasty, healthy diet food delivery goodness that delivers weight loss results.”

“All of our meals are balanced to ensure your energy levels are just right, cravings become a thing of the past, and most importantly pounds are shed.”

The Plans

Market Menu @1200 calories

Designed for the average woman’s appetite

Simply stir and start your breakfast, dress and shake your lunch, heat and eat your dinner!

What you’ll get:

  1. A happier, healthier, lighter you! with more time to get on with your life.
  2. All your food, so, a scrummy breakfast, lunch, dinner & 2 snacks for each day. You can choose to be veggie too if you prefer.
  3. Seasonal, ethical and market fresh ingredients in all your meals.
  4. Convenience – balance box can be eaten anywhere: in the park; at your desk; in front of the TV.

Checkout our prices, which start at £19.99 a day.
Yum! Start Now!


Supersized Market Menu @1800 calories

Designed for the lads and occasionally for gals who need a bit more sustenance.

Simply stir and start your breakfast, dress and shake your lunch, heat and eat your dinner!

What you’ll get:

  1. Exactly the same benefits as per the above!
  2. 50% more food for only 25% more cash! Now that’s surely going to keep you full up!

Checkout our prices, which start at £24.99 a day.Yum! Start Now!

What Do I Think..

I really like the idea of Balance Box. The meals are so yummy and for something that’s healthy and good for you boy are the portions hu-ow-ge! The flavours are like nothing I’ve had in a form of diet food before. I could happily sit and eat a bowl full of the tomatoes that went into this Asparagus Frittata and Roasted Vegetables.


OMG….their Chicken Noodle Soup – to die for!!! Super delicious.


Not only do they provide super meals but also some amazing snack bars – one for each day.


Discolsure: I was set a three day Balance Box free for this post.

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