Getting lippy with Nars for the Autumn/Fall

October 8, 2014

I love Autumn/Fall, it’s by far my favourite time of year. I love all the new smells and how the colours of leaves change and the crisp air you get in the early mornings.

Another thing (a big thing) i love is how companies come out with new lipstick colours that just suit Autumn/Fall so perfectly. One company I know I can always find the perfect Autumn/Fall lip colour with is NARS and today I want to share some of my favourite colours with you.

NARS Sheer Lipsticks

Nars Lipsticks

NARS Semi Matte Hot Voodoo – NARS Sheer Outsider – NARS Semi Matte Morocco – NARS Sheer Autumn Leaves

Nars Lipsticks

NARS Semi Matte Hot Voodoo – NARS Sheer Outsider – NARS Semi Matte Morocco – NARS Sheer Autumn Leaves

I’m currently having a bit of a love affair with these. Something that looks so strong and bold in the tube yet glides on as a translucent formula leaving a beautiful hint of colour and shine on the lips really gets me hooked (what’s not to love?).

As I say, the NARS Sheer Lipsticks really do glide on the lips, they are smooth and hydrating and you can really feel them nourishing your lips while wearing them. They feel so beautifully lightweight and sit so silkily on the lips without smudging or creasing into the lines.

Something I really love about these is how easy it is to build the lip colour up, with an extra swipe or two you can go from sheer to opaque in seconds.

As with most sheer lipstick these won’t be lasing 8 hours on your lips but I’m happy to report that they will go for a good 3 hours before you’ll need to re-apply (well, on me anyway) which is better than a lot of other brands.

Two colours I have and love are:

Autumn Leaves – described as a Shimmering warm brandy
Outsider – described as a Shimmering burnish coral

NARS Semi Matte Lipsticks

Nars Lipsticks

NARS Semi Matte Hot Voodoo – NARS Sheer Outsider – NARS Semi Matte Morocco – NARS Sheer Autumn Leaves

For the moment when you want more a statement lip, these will have you covered!

The NARS Semi Matte Lipsticks have the same Patented blend of conditioners and antioxidants hydrate, nourish and protect lips and the NARS Sheer Lipsticks do and again (even though matte) you can feel your lips being kept hydrated and nourished while wearing them.

I love to wear a matte lip and love it when the lipstick can look matte without making your lips look like they’ve been dried out in the cold weather (nothing looks good about chapped lips). I’m happy to say that these are spot on with giving the result.

The NARS Semi Matte Lipsticks apply really nicely, they go on smooth and create a stunning veil of colour onto the lips without settling into lines or smudging out over the lip line (even without lip liner).

These beauties have a really good staying power of around 6 hours but that’s the longest I’ve gone so far. Once applied they seem to set onto the lips and become pretty close to non-transferable (perfect for date night as they don’t leave a trace on a wine glass – I know, I tested it out!).

Two colours I have and love are:

Hot Voodoo – described as a Fiery molten copper
Morocco – described as a Warm cinnamon with a trace of pink

NARS Pure Matte Lipsticks

Nars Lipsticks

NARS Pure Matte Tonkin

Nars Lipsticks

NARS Pure Matte Tonkin

Last up we have the Bright, bold and perfectly matte. OMG these are AMAZING for us full on matte lip lovers.

The NARS Pure Matte Lipstick are so so SO very highly pigmented that it only takes 1 layer to see its full colour which may I say is an extremely even colour. As well as being super high payoff in the colour department they are also really long lasting. I have been wearing this today for the past 5 hours and it still looks like I’ve just applied it.

For totally matte lipsticks these just like the others, they glide on smoothly and feel really lightweight but I do like to use a lip scrub before applying as they can catch on dry lips a little more than the NARS Semi Matte Lipsticks which can be understood with such a matte lipstick.

The NARS Pure Matte Lipstick has got to be THE MOST moisturising and comfy of matte lips I have worn so far. Just like the NARS Semi Matte Lipsticks they don’t make your lips look or feel as if they’ve been dried out.

I have this is just the one colour at the moment:

Tonkin – described as a Cinnamon/ plum

As an extra little note, all of these fantabulous lipsticks come in a variety of colours and are ONLY £19.50 each!

What will you be wearing on your lips this Autumn/Fall?

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  • Reply Jasmine

    OMG such an amazing post!!! Love the photos and the way you write. You always make me need to spend money!! x Jassy

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  • Reply Karen Whiner

    Tonkin will be mine!! Love me some Matte lips xx

  • Reply Rebekah Champion

    Aaaaaahhh….You have done it again Lorraine!! What an outstanding post. I love the Sheer Lipsticks and have 5 of them now but really want to pick up those two colours now.

  • Reply Makeup and the Bride

    Shizzzzz….Love this post Lorraine. Love your thoughts on all of these and WOAH the colours are all perfect for this time of year!!! Great job 🙂 xxx

  • Reply Marie

    Oh my gosh, too pretty! I would wear these all year round 🙂 xx

  • Reply With Love From Summer

    Love all these shades, I want them all! I am a massive fan of the Velvet Matte Lip pencils from Nars but haven’t tired anything else of theirs on my lips yet. Think I may have to do a little shopping now (thank god I was paid yesterday) Love the way you write by the way and your photos are lush!


  • Reply Jen W

    *stopped in my tracks to read this when it popped up on my phone* OM-BH is all I can think right now. Your photos are stunning!! and I want the sheer ones so bad 🙂 X

  • Reply Soyha T

    This is a fantastic post. Love all your thoughts and photos. I’m a fan of the mattes from Nars, they are all so good and so ranged in colour. x

  • Reply Teri

    You’ve twisted my arm, I think I need some of these! x

  • Reply Jessi

    I haven’t ever tried a NARS lipstick (even though I love their foundations) but now I really want to.

  • Reply Stacy Davis

    Your lipstick choices are divine! SX

  • Reply Gemma Robberts

    I’ll take one of each please 🙂 x

  • Reply Annie Janina

    I love lipsticks. I’m a bit of a hoarded in that department and I really shouldn’t get anymore but OMG are these so pretty!! x

  • Reply saffron khan

    SO PRETTY!!! I love shades like these and matte are slowly becoming my faves. xxx

  • Reply Sparkle Fairy

    Obsessed with these…just beautiful!! Lovely post and pretty photos.

  • Reply Samantha Parkhouse

    Wow such a detailed post. Love how you talk about lipsticks Lorraine. You always manage to ‘sell’ them all to me 🙂 Really could do with another lippy too! haha xx

  • Reply Amanda Green

    Wow wow wow. Is it bad that I want to go out and buy all of these right away?

  • Reply Caitlin

    I’m wearing Autumn Leaves right now 🙂

  • Reply Little Miss Makeup

    I’ve just found you blog after seeing one of your photos on Pinterest. Cant stop looking at NARS Sheer Outsider. I would love that colour, it’s so perf! Lovely blog by the way 🙂 now following. x

  • Reply Wendy

    Great picks here! Autumn Leaves looks so pretty, it would have to be the first one I bought out of these. x

  • Reply Kyllie

    Your pics are so pretty!

  • Reply Claire harper

    Love your choice in shades for the Autumn. I would have liked to maybe see a plum/dark purple in there too (just love them) x

  • Reply Joanne Prikard

    Love all of these colours and I love your more in-depth product reviews. Such a great blog, keep up the amazing work. XxX

  • Reply sarah jane

    Every one of your choices look stunning, will have to go take a look at them in store 🙂 Thanks for sharing in depth. x

  • Reply Alexia

    Your photos are lovely, as always! Keep up the great work with all these wonderful posts x

  • Reply Sophie Jones

    They all look so gorgeous! I really like the Pure Mattes too. x

  • Reply Kayleigh

    Don’t mind me while I pop my eyes back in and pick my jaw up off the floor. BEAUTIES!!!! xx

  • Reply Holly MaGillan

    All those colours are lovely and so wearable for all times of the year but I think they are just perfect (like you say) for Fall. You have such a lovely blog!

  • Reply Wilhelmina P

    So glad I found this post! I’ve been looking at the NARS lipsticks for weeks deciding what to buy for fall and you’ve really helped! Think I’ll be going for two of these colours – Hot Voodoo and Autumn Leaves. Both are so prettttttyy… x

  • Reply Janet

    Want them all. Love matte lips right now and the semi mattes sound so good! It’s always a bonus when they look matte but not drying!! X

  • Reply Gail Heather

    OMG these are gorgeous… Lipstick Lusting right now! xxx

  • Reply Elaina

    Beautiful photos! I want them all please (wink wink) x

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