Guest Post: Five Smart Tips for Party Makeover!

October 6, 2017


More often than not, putting together a party looks becomes a trouble because we’re running late and there’s not enough time on hand to get all dolled up. Today, however, I will share with you five really smart tips that will help you get transformed into an absolute stunner in no time! So, let’s begin:

  1. A Sharp Eyeliner:

Do you use pencil eyeliner? If yes, you’re in luck (I know you think vice-versa, but let me complete) because I’m about to tell you how you can achieve a perfectly sharp and sleek line from your eye pencil. If you have plans for a party in the evening, just pop your eye pencil in the freezer after sharpening it up in the morning. This cools the product down and it gets hardened enough just to give you that clean, perfect sharp line in one stroke. Thank me for this later!

  1. Mascara hack:

You love wearing the waterproof mascara to avoid the smudging but it’s just too damn difficult to get it out of your lashes once you’re back home and standing in front of your bathroom mirror, right? I understand the pain. But fret not! All you need to do is wear a coat of your regular mascara on the lashes and then once it has dried up; wear another coat of waterproof mascara. This way these two products get locked into each other avoiding the smudgy look and the mascara comes off really easily later.

  1. Perfect Lips:

No makeup look is ever complete without the perfect smooth, shiny and glossy lips. However, we’re not lucky to have such lips round the clock every day of the year. If your lips appear flaky and chances are your lipstick will be ruined shortly afterwards, consider moisturising them. But before you moisturise, take your toothbrush and gently rub it over your lips. This helps exfoliate your lips to create an even base for lipstick to adhere to, instead of a layer of skin that is flaking off. Moisturise and wear that redness to perfection!

  1. Magical Fingers:

There’s a whole range of blending brushes and tool in the market and you’re probably always confused that which would work the best for you. I’m not saying makeup brushes are useless, but I personally do not believe in splurging at tools that aren’t really necessary. Your finger does the job of blending quite perfectly. Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Glamorous Hair:

No party look is ever complete without the perfect glossy hair. I’ll give you a couple of tips, if you have naturally wavy hair like me that form curls – REJOICE! I mean it. If you take the right care of your locks, you’ll have naturally bouncy curls. Flatiron only ruins the natural texture of your hair. Invest in serums and take care of your curls. However, if you have the straightest of all hair and you want some curls in them for a party (do not do it excessively), try using a curling iron. I recommend this curling iron, it is so easy to use be because it is cordless and it give the perfect results.

I hope these tips helped you, stay rad!

Author Bio: Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup, and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at Style Down the Aisle



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