Guest Post: Skincare and Makeup in under 15 minutes

January 31, 2017

Time is running out! No, it’s no countdown, I mean time is constantly running out. I set one hour for a specific task but there is always something more

We now live in the days of hacking — no internet required, just basic skills to make our life a little bit easier and less stressful.

When it comes to make-up and skincare we’re taught that it takes a ridiculously long amount of time to do it just right. Sometimes, things can get really excessive if you want to create a good, fresh look without spending almost an hour in front of the mirror.

But like all life hacks, you can cut down time when it’s necessary to create a faster routine. Shall we start with skincare and make-up?

Here’s how to maintain a healthy skincare routine:

– Place your facial cleanser in your shower. If you have it near your sink you’ll probably skip it or use regular soap from the shower. Use the adequate cleanser to your skin issues and keep it somewhere where you’ll definitely use it. That way, your skin will be attended first thing in the morning. You can also leave an exfoliant like the Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Microbeadsalong with your cleanser – use it twice a week for a perfected skin texture. Placing the products where it’s most convenient will make a difference!

– Keep your moisturiser face cream at hand — where you usually pat your face with a towel after a shower. Stop wasting time and apply it while drying up your skin. Spread it towards your neck right after you leave the shower and your basic (but complete) skincare routine is finished!

All you’ll ever need in your make-up bag

Leaving products in key places comes in very handy to saving time. If you already have a set of makeup products you use everyday, don’t put them aside every time you use them. Get a nice looking container where you keep your most used makeup products and brushes.

After the skincare routine, finished with moisturiser, you’ll only need a few items in order to get an amazing make-up polished look without going overboard on the amount of products used — this are all the products you’ll ever need:

  • BB Cream (optional) — foundation is quite heavy for a light everyday look and if you can’t leave without some colour correction, go for a good BB Cream – it applies like a moisturiser but leaves your skin smooth and helps conceal any problem areas;
  • Concealer – grab your favourite concealer (preferably as a cream or liquid) and apply to problem areas like dark spots and blemishes but also use it in your under eye area — use your finger to blend it because it helps melting away the product into the skin and it’s the best way to get a natural finish. Remember to bring the concealer all the way to your lower lash line for a flawless finish! To avoid creasing, blend it towards the centre of your face and never towards your hair line — that way you won’t create lines where the concealer can melt into;
  • Eyebrow pencil — this is something that can make or break the expression of your face. If you have nice natural brows go ahead and skip this step but keeping your eyebrows looking good is one big step towards a perfected look. Just make a simple touch-up of your natural shape. Use a pencil that doesn’t require sharpening — a twist up pencil is ideal and it should come with a mini comb so you can skip other tools. Your expression will be spot-on with the right eyebrow shape and maintenance.
  • Mascara – along with perfected eyebrows, applying some mascara works wonders in opening up your eyes and simply making you look refreshed. Don’t forget to apply a tiny bit on your lower lashes! There are many kinds of mascara out there so be sure to choose one which will compensate your natural lashes — either in volume or length. A waterproof mascara is also something you should consider as it’ll last you the whole day without smudging and it will keep the curl better.
  • Blush – no need to contour or highlight. Just keep a blush in the right colour for your skin tone in your everyday makeup items kit and apply in the apples of your cheeks for a well-kept and healthy look. Go for rosy and pastel colours if you have paler skin and stronger colours like orange or deep red for darker skin tones.
  • Coloured lip balm — you have your skin looking amazing, eyebrows and lashes refined and a touch of colour on your cheeks. Do you really need anything else? You really don’t but a coloured lip balm is the final touch to the whole skincare routine as it provides the necessary hydration to your lips while amping up your natural lip colour. Go for a red or purple tint — it’ll give up a very subtle colour boost.

That is it! All these products listed can be kept near where you dress for a flawless everyday look while not robbing yourself of much needed time.

Keep it near, keep it simple. This is the motto for on-the-go skincare and make-up.
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Jane Grates

Jane loves to travel the world in search of new adventures. When she is not travelling though, she stays busy managing her websites, Nicershoes, Runnerclick and GearWeAre. She is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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