Guest Post: Staying in or going out – how do you spend time with the girls?

June 17, 2013

Guest post Brought To You By Ladbrokes Bingo.

I like to spend time with my friends, even if I already have my hands full looking after the kids! When I was a little younger, I’d usually go out on the town at least once a week with my friends.

We would go round all the local nightclubs, visit a trendy bar and before we got the taxi back home, get a kebab to try and soak up all the drinks we had!

Today, I’ve got a little more by way of responsibilities and rarely go out at night. When I do, it’s usually for something a little gentler like a trip to the theatre or a meal at a posh restaurant, but something that recently grabbed my interest was trying to work out whether nights in or nights out were more fun.

Staying in

When I was a little younger, I would have turned my nose up in disgust at the idea of a night in. Now I’m older and wiser, I can see the benefits of staying in, especially after doing a little research online! A survey by Ladbrokes Bingo revealed that a lot can go wrong during a night out such as laddering your tights, ripping your outfit and falling over in a nightclub!

By staying in, I avoid embarrassing myself in front of a large crowd, and I don’t have to look away sheepishly. That alone makes a night in sound like heaven, but so does being able to choose what you do, not spending a fortune on drinks and, as the survey said, avoiding admission fees and those annoying long queues. Having a laugh is possible too, as nearly one in five in the survey said!

Going out

Some of the problems I mentioned earlier might be easy to laugh off, but getting embarrassed when you’re a little more mature isn’t a lot of fun. 60% said they didn’t like queuing, while 34% said they didn’t like having to look after a friend who was worse for wear. However, three out of four said that nights out were more exciting than nights in.

After weighing up all the pros and cons, I’ve deduced that a night in is probably the better of the two for spending time with your friends. A big, girly night in is great for saving money and bonding with your closest friends, and you’re able to choose what you do like watching a film, making cocktails or giving each other makeovers.

cocktailsimage credit – Hotel De La Paix Geneve


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