Guest Post – The best seat in the house

May 2, 2014

I have to ask the question as to where all the good sofas have gone. Just recently, we were in search for a new sofa and I certainly didn’t want to get a secondhand one after reading about the cat that was trapped for five days inside a charity shop sofa. So before buying a new one I had to do the almost compulsory online and offline research as to what makes a good sofa, the various brands, types, styles, sizes, degrees of comfort and then the definitive test of plunking all the behinds on it and getting the feedback from dad and kids! Back in the day when there were no kids to consider, purchasing a sofa was really about what colour fitted into the decor at the time and the price, which more often than not had the single requirement of being the cheapest. However, now one has to think about how the sofa will cope with kids, spills, animals and bottoms.


Looking online, there are the usual suspects like IKEA, DFS, Heals and Habitat to always view. But the surprising fact is just how many other online sites are completely dedicated to selling sofas and furniture on the whole, it is absolutely amazing and mind boggling just how many sofas there are out there! Luckily for me, after speaking with a few friends, I was advised to stick with the brands that we already knew and trusted, and it was stressed to us that before buying anything like a sofa, one must without exception, sit on it before purchasing the thing. Those two pieces of advice would definitely be in my top three – especially since I generally use the sofa just to sit and play games like bingo at so it’s important that I’m super comfortable!

So after careful consideration and buckets of tea, we finally made a short list of sofas that we had to sample, touch and smell. Now, we all love our kids and partners, but being out with all them together for an extended period of time is just a recipe for disaster! Thankfully, I tried to break up the reviews of sofas into three days, so we managed to survive the whole process, and purchase our dream sofa at the same time which was just a miracle and credit to the person who was the driving force behind the entire operation!

Now we had our old sofa removed by a lovely guy who coincidentally said he also just wanted a comfy place to sit and play games, so we had a chat about our favourites (he’s more of a slots guy rather than a bingo player and his favourite is in case you were wondering) and then I quietly guaranteed that there were no cats trapped inside it and wished him the best of luck! Our new sofa has been the best thing we could have ever done to make everything right in our lives at home. Dad is happy to watch football, the kids are now off the floor and sitting a reasonable distance away from the flatscreen, and I have claimed a comfortable seat for one of my favourite pastimes. I look forward to relaxing after I’ve finished all the chores and munching on a biscuit whilst playing a few of my favourite games!

The was a Guest Post in association with Game Village and Alien Slot Machine.

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