Guest Post: The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Your Europe Summer Vacation

May 4, 2016

The last thing we want to happen when we’re vacationing and sightseeing anywhere in the world is to feel uncomfortable. There’s nothing worse than snapping photos of the Eiffel Tower several miles away from your hotel and having to go all the way back while wearing shoes that feel like bear traps.

The second-to-last thing we want to happen is to blatantly stand out from the crowd as the most touristy tourist ever. When wearing sneakers, jackets tied around your waist, a photo camera around your neck, and a giant backpack filled with water bottles, you might as well be carrying a banner that lets everyone know you’re on a holiday.

Chances are, if you’re planning to visit either of the European countries, you won’t be lollygagging around. There is a lot of sightseeing to be done and you are definitely going to be very active. Both of these major issues can be easily solved with the right clothing choices. Need help with this? That’s why we’re here.

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For the Dress Lover

If summer isn’t the ideal season for dresses, then which one is? White footwear and denim are power players amongst the trends that define this year. Take a denim dress, for example, and combine it with other two stars of the season, open shoulders and patterns, to get a result that’s both eye catchy and comfy. The most important aspect is the material – make sure that it’s light and breezy, allowing your skin to breathe through the constant run from one monument to another.

To avoid the previously mentioned “bear trap shoes,” you must absolutely avoid high heels of all sorts. Don’t repeat the mistake that some ladies do when they decide to take a stroll up the hill leading to Vienna’s Gloriette in their favourite red pumps. No matter how confident you are above the ground, hours of walking around will eventually take their toll. Stylish sneakers and vans are the perfect choice to complete a dress.

The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Your Europe Summer Vacation

For the Shorts & Skirt Wearer

Let your skin breathe by cutting off from the length of your bottoms. Shorts and skirts are ideal to wear during summer, we all know that, but they’re even more indicated when planning to explore a historic European city. Being outside for a prolonged amount of time requires that you feel as comfortable and cool as possible.

Take for example variants that blend in the growing trend of daisy patterns, which manage to bring the summery vibe straight to the fabric of your clothes. Incorporate either of the two separate 2016 tendencies – the return of lace and the exposed shoulders. Establish yourself as a true style icon by rocking pastel pink and blue hues that have been established by Pantone as the colours of the year.

Don’t overthink the shoes. If you’d like your outfit’s trendy thematic to be complete, slide your feet into a pair of the spring 2016 stars, gladiator sandals. If not, you can never go wrong with sneakers.

The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Your Europe Summer Vacation

For Everyone – Accessories are Very Important

It’s not earrings and bracelets we’re talking about, but the accessories that truly have a practical impact on the sightseeing experience.

Abandon the huge hiking backpack and swap it for a cross-body bag. Cross-body bags are very advantageous in the sense that they don’t weigh down on your shoulders and they leave both of your hands free, something that matters a lot when exploring cities. Match either of the outfits above with a spacious satchel bag, a neutral coloured retro-style messenger bag, or with a washed army-inspired leather bag.

Chances are that, even if it’s a cloudy day, the sky is still going to strongly reflect a blinding light. Always keep a pair of shades on you. There are very few ways in which you can go wrong with a sunglasses choice, so make sure to prioritise UV protection factor over any personal fears of a fashion disaster. As a general tip, large and flashy shades are the hottest thing of the year.

Especially if you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s also highly indicated to carry some form of headwear with you too. If you consider hats to be too much of a bold choice or perhaps they’re just too troublesome to carry around, then a head bandana can serve its purpose as a barrier against strong sunlight just as fine.

The key to dressing for a sightseeing vacation is to make sure you’re comfortable. Steer away from new clothes and shoes that you aren’t really used to yet because they’re unpredictable. Wear comfy shoes to protect your feet against aches and shelter your eyes and head against the summer sun. Fortunately, there are ways through which you can combine style with practicality.

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