Guest Post: Ultimate Guide to Choosing Special Occasion Outfits for Kids

December 6, 2016


There’s something about holiday season that gets all mums spinning for cuteness, even those parents not that prone to getting their kids all dolled up for the season. The magic of this time of year seems to be contagious – from Halloween to Christmas and New Year’s – it’s all absolutely spiffy and gorgeous.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find the right clothes for our little ones; this is why we should always choose the outfits with a very keen attention to detail.

To avoid any unfortunate outfits, we’ve put together a list of tips to consider when selecting your daughter’s/son’s next attire.

Consider the age of your child

What most parents tend to do is dress their children as if they are choosing an outfit for themselves; while the matchy-matchy option can look cute on certain occasions, forcing the “grown up” look on your child simply doesn’t work. Not only will it look off, but it may read highly inappropriate.

Speaking of age, what you also need to be thinking about is your child’s temperament in that period of childhood; for instance, if your toddler is bounding with energy, make sure she wears a dress that she won’t trip over.  For boys, fitted trousers are the best option – they won’t be too tight to be uncomfortable but they won’t be too loose to fall down (when he’s running), either. Pair their trousers with a smart shirt and a bow tie for formal events or a cute little sweater for more casual dates.

Fun prints and colours are always welcome, for both girls and boys.

Think of accessories

While accessories are generally considered a thrill of the adult, they can be pretty fun and cute on our kids, too! And the best part is, accessories can play a major role in dressing up the simplest of outfits to fit an occasion you want your child to look spectacularly cute for – like Christmas dinner at your folks, your best friend’s wedding ceremony, your niece’s christening, etc.

For girls: headwraps, hair bows, cute bobby pins, colourful Disney chokers, glittery gloves, glittery or colourful belts (they can also be themed, for Christmas or other upcoming event), mini fur coats, mini (glittery) clutches, fuzzy ear warmers, a hairpiece, etc.
For boys: adorable suspenders (they can be colourful, stripy, black or Christmas/Disney themed), bow ties, cute little fedoras, hand warmers, cute mini smart jackets, belts, etc.

Make it itch free

To help your child feel comfy, avoid itchy embellishments, synthetic fabrics and trimmings like lace. Even though they tend to look absolutely adorable, they may cause skin irritation to your child’s sensitive skin. Opt for natural fabrics, like cotton, to avoid seeing your poor child fidgeting and scratching, and add embellishments as overlay. That way you are still achieving a super adorable look without making the kid be uncomfortable.

Honor Christmas

With the Christmas coming up, you’ll probably be enjoying the big day (and a few days around it) with your immediate and extended family.  And naturally – you’ll want your child to look better than all other children (yes, us mothers are competitive like that), and that’s okay!

Your boy will look adorable in a plaid shirt (red+green) and his jeans. Add a little vest to the combination to give the whole outfit an even more dignified vibe and enjoy your kid grab the looks (and compliments!) of everyone in the room!

Your little girl will look absolutely adorable in a red dress and a red hairpiece to match, with a lacy petticoat under giving her that princess-like feel. You can always go with other colours, too, like eggshell, maroon, beige, ocher, green, blue – whichever one you feel would work for the day.

And every other special occasion

People love tying the knot in winter, especially around Christmas as the blessings of this time of year seem an appropriate moment to declare eternal love to one another. If you are dressing your baby daughter for your friend’s wedding, treat her to one of the most gorgeous junior bridesmaid dresses you set your eye on. She might not be the bridesmaid per se, but she is just as important – especially if she’s been given the role of a flower girl or so. Your son will look perfect in a tux! Yes, this is the occasion to go “adult” on him. Too adorable!

Enjoy dressing your kid up and make sure every little detail is well taken care of – if for nothing else, then for the pics!

*Guest Post written by Zara Lewis


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