The Health Benefits of Wooden Floors

March 24, 2014

While wooden flooring looks fantastic, offers long-lasting durability and needs only simple maintenance, it also provides various health benefits for the household. Surprised? Well, while it can be easily overlooked, carpets may be softer on our feet, but they can pose more problems than wooden flooring.

No more Dust Mites

One health hazard carpets can cause is dust mites. With studies illustrating how these are a major cause of asthma attacks within the home (more than 85 percent of asthmatics are sensitive to dust mites), carpets in most rooms can be a big problem. As these mites can embed themselves deeply within carpets, wooden flooring eliminates the threat, reducing the risk to those with asthma.


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Easy to disinfect

Keeping your wood floors clean and safe is easy: just mop them with an anti-bacterial cleaner (one approved by the floor’s manufacturer). As this offers more simplicity than shampooing carpets, there is more incentive to keep your flooring clean.

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No allergens

Wooden flooring prevents allergens from becoming trapped and exacerbated, as can be the case with carpets. For those suffering from a sensitivity to pollen, for example, this can be a problem; those with slight reactions to pets in their home may also be relieved that hairs can simply be swept away rather than remaining trapped in a carpet’s pile.

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Less Mould and Bacteria

Wooden floors trap less bacteria and mould than carpets, as there is no pile to absorb them; as they linger, they will spread and begin to pose health risks. As wood floors can be quickly and easily mopped, these risks are reduced a great deal. Cleaner floors contribute to cleaner air, for a better indoor atmosphere for you, your family and your pets.

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Wood floors can make a huge difference to your home, and, as we’ve just seen, leave it feeling cleaner and fresher than ever before!




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  • Reply Daniel

    Hey Lorraine,
    amazing post, bravo! I can’t agree more on the benefits you listed, especially the Dust Mites and allergies. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford wooden flooring, and people go for cheaper alternatives.

  • Reply Andy

    Wooden floors are simply gorgeous, but the reduction and dust mites and allergens are fantastic pluses when you have little ones.

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