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August 17, 2017

After waiting for 9 long months, finally you have delivered your little bundle of joy and this is the phase when you just can’t control your joy that you feel within. While the little baby is in your arms, you can now do anything to keep your baby nourished and healthy. You could have paid a little bit more attention to your diet during pregnancy but hey you need not worry as the period is still not over.

Childbirth and pregnancy can take away a lot of nutrients and energy from your body and falling ill soon after the birth of your baby is the last thing that you would want. So, here are few of the healthy food options that you can choose if you’re a new mom who has just given birth to her baby.

#1: Lots of proteins

As per study revealed by the Ohio State University, new moms who have just given delivery to their baby need 72 grams of added protein apart from their daily body needs. Therefore, during this postpartum period, you need to add more protein-rich foods to your diet. You can be smart enough to add dairy products as they not only provide you with the proteins that you need but also provide you with the calcium that your body needs. In case you’re a vegan mom, you should more seeds, pulses, legumes to your diet to make it protein-rich.

#2: Fats play a key role

During the period following childbirth, fats form a key part of your diet but that doesn’t mean that you can eat any kind of fat as the secret is to consume the right type of fats. Did you know that fatty fish has omega 3 fatty acids which improve the development of the brain of your baby? Hence, if you want your baby to be healthy, have 2 servings of tuna, catfish, Pollock or salmon every week, preferably the good quality canned ones. Switch to healthier oils like olive oil during the post-partum period.

#3: Whole grains and carbs are the key

Carbohydrates give energy in the best way possible and since this is the most crucial stage of your life, you will require a lot of energy in order to produce the right amount of milk for your newborn baby. As long as seeking energy is concerned, simple sugars can be a reliable option as they usually increase your levels of blood sugar and also drop them all of a sudden, making you feel weak and tired.

#4: Fruits and veggies can’t be done without

This is something that doesn’t need a mention as they form the best choice for a post-partum mom when it comes to a pregnancy diet. Both vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and they help in promoting your health and curing any constipation or bowel issues. Since you’re breastfeeding your baby, you get a good supply of vital minerals and vitamins.

Therefore, if you’re a mom who is eager to stay fit and yet offer everything that your baby needs, you have to follow the above mentioned post-partum diet. For other diet plans to reduce your weight, you may check out

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