June 19, 2014

Do you ever get that horrible thing known as Heartburn and not really understand why you get it?

I have been so lucky in the fact that I’ve never had Heartburn, I did even experience heartburn during pregnancy – not through either of them, which was honestly fab considering all my pregnant friends were always getting it. William is constantly getting heartburn, I blame it on his late night eating (while laying down) and also the beer he drinks. Him being him (aka, a man) says that it’s not.

Photo from the bbc website.

Photo from the bbc website.

Did you know that millions of people are affected by heartburn every single day? It’s also said that some people are more susceptible to getting it. Such people are:

Those that are overweight
Those that smoke
Those that consume a lot of alcohol
Those that eat just before bedtime
Those that eat a lot of fatty foods
Those that eat spicy foods
Those that are Pregnant
Those with tolerances to certain foods…and the list goes on.

From that list you can see that most of the things are of that can be altered with simple lifestyle changes like eating healthier, drinking less, quitting smoking, not eating late at night and having less spicy foods.

Remember that sometime heartburn can be caused by problems far worse that the above so if you feel your heartburn is server then please go and see a healthcare professional as it could turn out to be serious.

Disclosure: Collaboration with Gaviscon

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