Home Décor – A touch of Gold

February 9, 2016

Don’t get me wrong, I love our home, yet I can’t wait for the day we move into somewhere new that is exactly what we want (and not just within our mortgage budget). I can’t wait to find THAT HOUSE, the one with the bay windows, high ceilings, range in the kitchen and ample room for studies (my blogging and makeup room to be exact) and a dressing room (for all my handbags..haha).

One thing I do want to continue from our current house is our neutral colour palette with small touches of colour in accessories and artwork. Gold is a colour I would really love to incorporate. It goes with pretty much every other colour and works for all seasons.

I’ve collected together some of my favourite items from around the web to share with you and give you some inspiration if you’re also looking to add a touch of gold to your home.

Home Décor – A touch of Gold

  1. Celeste Gold Mirror  getfullyfurnished.com
  2. Tall Geometry Vase  roseandgrey.co.uk
  3. Gabriella Sequin Cushion  primark.com
  4. Gold Dot Pillow  caitlinwilson.com
  5. Sword Pendant  getfullyfurnished.com
  6. Marble Drum Side Table  roseandgrey.co.uk
  7. Pineapple-shaped glass jar  h&m.com
  8. Penguins Gold Foil Print  UyenoMiyoshi Etsy

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  • Reply Katie Marnsway

    Love all of these

  • Reply Danielle Philips

    Really pretty pieces.

  • Reply Freya Newberry

    pretty x

  • Reply Sara Chergui

    Lovely post. Great inspo.

  • Reply coline little

    Love your home posts Lorraine. You should go into interior design 🙂

  • Reply Heather Lee @ MistiloesHome


  • Reply Bethany Pine

    so stunning.

  • Reply Isabelle Ellis

    love love love!!!

  • Reply Liv

    wow, love gold.

  • Reply Eleanore Hood

    Such nice items. The mirror is lovely.

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