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January 21, 2015

As you know, I draw inspiration for my home decor from many different places. Many of the best places to get ideas are online, but I also get ideas from other places. This page is all about show homes inspiration.

I find that looking at photos on the web has its limitations. You can see a great deal in these photos, but you do not get the chance to see how the furniture looks in situ. Sometimes it is hard to work out the dimensions of a piece of furniture and determine whether it is the right scale to fit into your own home.

Whereas when you see a piece of furniture in a show home, you can quickly see whether it is the right size for your home. It is also far better than seeing a piece of furniture in a shop. This is because most furniture showrooms have high ceilings and are far brighter than the rooms in your home are. Naturally, you can get some idea of how a type of sofa may look in a furniture showroom, but seeing that same style of settee in a show house room gives you a much more accurate idea of how it would look in your home.

Home Inspiration

image from emblem furniture

The other thing I like about looking for inspiration in show homes is that most show homes are decorated in the latest style. You will often see a new decoration style when you visit show houses. They are always finished to a high standard and because they are kept in a pristine condition, you can see just how good that style of decor could look in your home. When you visit other people’s homes you get some idea, but because of the clutter of family life, it can sometimes be hard to pick out all of the style elements. In a show home, this is not an issue.

Storage inspiration

One of the best things about show homes is that you can get great ideas for storage solutions. You really cannot do that anywhere else.

I love the bedrooms and kitchens of show houses. If they are fully fitted out, which most are, you get to see and try out all of the latest storage solutions and work out which are best for you.

Soft furnishings inspiration

When you go around a show home, you really understand the difference the right soft furnishings make to the way your home looks and feels. In most show homes, the linens that are used in the bathrooms and bedrooms are in the latest style and are high quality.

The little extras

I also use show homes to give me inspiration for knick-knacks and the little extras that make a home welcoming and give it character. Every now and again, I change the look and feel of a room by changing the soft furnishings and the ornaments. If there is a new development with a show home near my home, I will often pop in to get some fresh ideas and find out what is going on in the field of home decor.

However, sometimes there are no developments near me I still draw inspiration from show homes by going online and looking at the websites of those firms that lease the furniture to show homeowners. This is not as good as visiting a physical show home, but it is a good alternative way to get ideas. I still like Pintrest the best as an online source of inspiration, but furniture lease websites are a surprisingly good source of decorating ideas.

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    Wow that room is stunning!!!

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    I agree…great room. We are redecorating our home at the moment. We just moved and our new home has lots of old features which is beautiful, just need to get ideas of how to keep them but also add some modern touches.

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    I want that room!! So pretty x

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