How Should You Choose an Estate Agent?

March 14, 2018

Your home is one of your biggest financial assets, so when it comes to selling, you need to choose the right estate agent. This is important because the choice you make could be the difference between selling your home or no interest at all.

But when it comes to choosing an estate agent, what should you look for? While fees and viewings are often two big concerns, here are other areas to consider.

Ask Around

To find out how an estate agent really operates, reviews are the most effective method. Whether you ask friends and family or read about experiences online, find out what an estate agent’s customers are saying about them, before choosing who to sell your home with.

Be a Detective

The best way to assess an estate agent is to go undercover. Act like a potential buyer and call a high street agent or email an online service like Hatched. Assess their customer service. Are they professional? Do they listen to you? How long do they take to reply? And is this the impression you want to give buyers?

The Valuation

When you sell your home, you want to get the best price, but that does not necessarily mean choosing the highest valuation. This is because some agents will over-value your property in the hope of securing your business. This can result in no viewings and no sale. Instead, before a valuation, do some research online to find out how much your property could be worth. Also, make sure your home is listing-ready too.

Certificates and Credentials

Many estate agents in the UK have industry credentials. This includes being registered with bodies like the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). Although not enough to base your decision on alone, having these credentials means they are required to be professional and conduct themselves to a high standard.

Property Listings

Whether online or in a brochure, you want your home to be displayed at its best. This means a listing with an accurate and attractive description and high-quality photos. Essentially, your listing should be a good sales pitch. As such, review an estate agent’s other listings to find out how they may sell your home.

Property Portals

Most people search for properties online. Although this can be fast and convenient, most buyers do not want to spend time trawling through individual agent’s websites. Therefore, check if they use property portals which make it easier for potential buyers to find your home.

Essentially, a good agent should listen, respond to concerns and be enthusiastic about selling your property. Using the above criteria, you can find the right agent for selling your home.

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