Guest Post: How to Look a Million Bucks without Spending a Fortune – 5 Easy Tips and Outfit Ideas

May 10, 2016

While we all wish deep down inside to be Vogue models and wear the latest fashion, the truth is we don’t always have the money to buy high-end clothes, designer shoes, and unconventional accessories just to look a million bucks every day. However, we can look like we are wearing expensive clothes and labels and be the true Carrie Bradshaws of our modern times if we use a few styling tricks. The little black dress is a timeless, forever fashionable choice, no matter the day and age and, styled properly, it can make you look like a red carpet diva. But there are other tricks, outfits, and combos that will turn heads no matter where you go.

The Main Rules to Follow if You Want to Always Look like a Fashion Model

Besides picking some particular clothes and accessories, there are a few tricks any woman should follow if she wants her attire to look expensive and her person looks like just having descended from the cover of a magazine. It doesn’t take money to pull off a seemingly expensive outfit, just a bit of care and attention. Here are the main rules to follow:

  • Always tailor fit your clothes to make them look smashing on you: cut a few length inches, fasten some stitches, change the buttons or the zippers, nip the waist or adjust some hems. Your clothes will look like designer-made, neat and picture perfect.
  • Always wear ironed, cleaned and steamed clothes. The idea is that everything that looks brand new, just taken out of the store box also looks more expensive.
  • Keep your grooming and styling routine. You can wear gold-plated clothes and embedded diamonds but if your face is not well taken care of or you don’t have a decent manicure or if your hair is messy and tangled it will be all for nothing. Looking a million bucks comes with personal face and body care in all its aspects and brightens up any outfit.
  • Black and monochrome outfits are always a good option if you add the right accessories.

5 Tips and Styling Ideas to Make Your Outfits Look Expensive

You don’t have to spend thousands every fashion season to be trendy, stylish and elegant. You just need some outstanding pieces that go great with business, casual and fancy attires and mix some clothes to achieve a million bucks look.

1. The Eternal Cream Jacket

Just like the little black dress, the cream (camel, ivory, butter-white and everything in between) jacket is your best ally when it comes to looking like a fashion model, no matter your age and personal style. For a demure look, you can wear a similar cream blouse contrasted by black pants and skirts. If you want designer-elegance, wrap your head in a silk scarf in matching tones and add a statement piece of jewellery and you will rival with all Hollywood Golden Age divas.

2. A Pearl Jewellery Piece

Pearl jewellery is timeless and forever fashionable. Versatile, elegant and graceful, it can turn an office outfit into a work of art and a casual jeans-and-boots outfit into a statement of contemporary fashion taste. Pick a double-strand white pearls bracelet and give your attire the exact accent unique piece it needed to make you look sophisticated and rich. Leather gloves and sunglasses always make a good option too.

3. Use Red Accents

Red is passionate, seductive, amazing and forever fashionable. If you pick a mono black outfit, for instance, add some red accents to it: a statement necklace and earrings, red lipstick and red nail polish. Red can be incorporated in any outfit (if the colour mix allows) and can make you stand out of the crowd no matter if you wear jeans and tees or midi skirts and silk blouses. Imagine high heeled red stilettos and you will understand what we are talking about.

4. Gingham and Picnic Patterns

Kill two birds with one stone and get a nicely crafted gingham or picnic blouse or dress. It will look like the latest fashion because such patterns ARE the latest fashion and it will make you appear like a trends-conscious woman with a fashion sense and enough money to buy the hottest pieces that blessed the runways this season. Gingham is versatile enough to be worn with jeans, black power suits, and summery strappy sandals for casual wear and shorts.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey and Neutrals

Not the book, the trend! This year grey was the cherry on the top of fashion shows and all grey hues are the new fashion riot. Pick pastels, neutrals, and grey overtones for your everyday office look or sheer, precious fabrics like silk, satin and lace in metallic grey hues for a party you have to attend. You won’t get wrong with grey this year and it can be styled in any manner you choose in any type of context.

Want to look a million bucks every day and make people think you just went to the audition for the sequel of “Devil Wears Prada”? Use these tips and outfit ideas and make a stunning appearance every time without spending a fortune!

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