How to Make a Difference through Fostering

December 19, 2013

In 2013, it’s extraordinary to think that some 62,000 children currently live with foster carers in the UK and at least 9,000 more foster homes are needed with immediate effect.

Far from visions of an idealised family life, harsh realities can often put stress on a family unit, leaving children poorly treated and neglected in their own home.

So, if you’re truly looking to make a difference in the world, perhaps fostering is something that you should consider.


A safe haven

When it comes to fostering a child, there is no such thing as a typical case. The truth is that children are placed into foster care for a diverse number of reasons. These can range from being orphaned unexpectedly, being given up by their parents voluntarily because they’re unable to look after them properly to even being forcibly removed from their family home because of abuse or neglect.

As a prospective foster carer, the biggest impact that you can make on a child’s life is to offer them a safe haven. Bearing in mind that the child that you foster may come from a troubled background, the simple act of offering a safe, secure and supportive environment – even if it’s just for a short time – can be truly transformational for a child.


Trust building and stability

The period of time that you are required to look after a child may vary greatly from case to case, but the disruption to the child’s life is kept to a minimum where possible.

Looking after a child for a longer period of time affords you the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with the child you are responsible for and make a positive impact on their life. It may be that the foster child in your care has had a troubled past. By establishing trust with them, they may feel comfortable talking through their problems, potentially facilitating their personal growth which could help them to forge relationships with others more easily in future.


A supportive environment

You can further assist a child’s personal growth and development by encouraging them to be more confident in themselves. Considering the fact that some foster children come from an abusive background and their confidence may be shattered, your contribution to building their self-esteem may well be invaluable in helping set them on the path to a brighter future.


The noblest of professions 

Fostering truly is one of the noblest professions. The very concept of providing support to those children who need it most, at the most difficult time in their life, is a hugely valuable and emotionally rewarding act that can really help to make a positive difference in the world.

So, if you’re considering it, check out the Fostering Solutions website for more information and start on the road to making a difference, today.

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