Icon Nutrition Ignite and Battle oats

April 24, 2014

As some of you know, I’ve been on the fitness train for a while now and today I have some awesome products form Icon Nutrition to share with you.

Ignite pre-workout

You may have read another one of my posts an a pre-workout that i really loved. Well, this one is just as good.

I was sent two sachets of ignite to try out, both in the flavour Orange Splash (they also do green apple as pictured below) which while in powder form I think smells a little more tropical, it turns into a really smooth but strong orange taste once mixed (think orangeade but without the bubbles).


This is a really good pre-workout if your not a fan of that ‘come down-sugar rush’ feeling as you really don’t get any bad side effect like that.

I like how the Icon Nutrition Ignite didn’t cause me to get any inching on my hands, feet and face at all, like some other pre-workout can cause.

I took this first before doing my usual arm workout and while I didn’t try using a heavier weight I did manages to get in an extra 2 reps of the full workout before flaking out. (In-case your interested here is my workout)

Online Mummy Arm Workout

The second time I used it I got in an extra 2 miles jogging and I think I feel like I was also going a little faster (yey for speed).

Ignite is £15.00 for a 10 serving pot and currently £32.95 for a 40 serving pot (usual price £49.95).

Battle oats

Battle Oats are all natural high protein recovery bars which are fortified with 22 vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to 25% of an adults RDA. The bars contain zero trans fats, no refined sugars, and are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Battle Oats are available in 2 flavours, Dark Choc Chip and Oats & Honey. Both are super yummy and very (very) moreish.

One thing you’ll notice is how BIG these bars are, I was a little taken back by the sheer size of them to be honest but don’t let that scare you, once you take your first bite you’ll be glad they’re the size they are 🙂


Being recovery bars they help to replenish depleted electrolyte levels while the high protein content promotes muscle building and recovery following exercise.

They do also make a great and healthy snack and are also very good for pre and during workouts.

Battle oats are currently only £19.95 for a box of 12 (usual price £27.35) so grab yourself a box or two now.


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