I’m a Lush addict

July 9, 2015

It’s no secret to my friends and family that I am a massive Lush addict, so I’m sure you can understand how surprised I was when looking back over my blog and realising that I haven’t ever written about any of their products on here. Like seriously, how could that be???

Today that is all going to change and I am going to share a few of my favourite products with you all. You might like to grab a cup of tea and a cookie at this point; this may be a long one 🙂

Twilight Bath Ballistic

Lush Haul
I’m not usualy a lover of the lavender scent but for some reason I always reach for Twilight. It’s scent is not overpowering and have a great sweetness and depth to it from Tonka, Ylang Ylang and  Benzoin Resinoid.

It bubbles and foams up amazingly and fills the bath with soft billing bubble of pink and blue which slowly turn white. With so many bubbles you can easily split this to use over two to three baths.

Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar

Lush Haul
Creamy Candy has got to be hands down one of the best smelling Lush products to ever be made. I remember going into Lush for the first time (all those many years ago) and falling in love with the scent and obviously the colour (yes I was a fan of pink back in the day). I still love the Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar just as much today as I did then. With a delicious scent that lingers on the skin even after bathing what’s not to love?

I love it instead of bubbling up it just melts onto the bath and creates this sweet smelling heaven of nourishing almond and cocoa butter water.

Ikkle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

Lush Haul
Another lavender scented goodie hear but this time it’s for my children. They absolutely love Ikkle Baby Bot and the soothing scent always helps them drift off to sleep. They love the ‘magic’ in how the water turns blue and they really enjoy holding onto it as it fizzes.

Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar

Lush Haul
Who doesn’t love a good rub down with a silky smooth massage bar?? Not me that’s for sure. I’ve really got into using massage bars in the past month or so, they’re just so simple and easy to use and take up way less storage space than a bottle of moisturiser.

The Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar is Lush’s sexiest, sultriest and unadulterated jasmine fragranced product and I can easily agree with that statement. With a combination of jasmine, ylang ylang and rose absolute it’s super sexy and definitely makes my man’s head turn when I use it.

Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar

Lush Haul
If you could take hold of the word ‘sophisticated’ and smooch it into a bar then you would ultimately be left with the Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar. Ever tried adding lemon to a cup of earl grey tea? It’s much like that and oh so relaxing and dreamy (sure I’m not the only one that loves the scent of earl grey).

Just like all the Lush massage bars it’s full of wonderfully moisturising, nourishing and skin loving oils and butters.

Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion

Lush Haul
Dream Cream is such a spot on name for this beauty of a lotion. This is easily the best body lotion I have EVER used. It’s so moisturising with the added benefits of being cooling and calming to the skin. With ingredients such as oat milk, rose water and chamomile blue oil its perfect for all skin types especially those with eczema.

What do you find yourself reaching for when you go into Lush?

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  • Reply Jen W

    Oh my goodness what a Lush of goodies 🙂 I’m an addict too!! Love Shades of Earl Grey and Twilight. xx

  • Reply Samantha Westaway

    The massage bars are my fave. So much better than many of my body lotions and the scents are so nice.

  • Reply Kelly Olwell

    Creamy Candy was my first too. Have to say it started my love affair with Lush

  • Reply Holly Edwards

    Great post! Some of these are my favourites too x

  • Reply Maxine Roadden

    Love Lush!! Wow photos 🙂

  • Reply Amelia Beaumont

    Lush post…literally.

  • Reply Pippa Jones

    Love Dream Cream xx

  • Reply Daniella Martine

    Awesome post. Lush is great

  • Reply Kate Hove

    Twilight all the way for me!

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