Keep Your Child Healthy with Bed Linen

August 13, 2014

Why do we so often neglect the materials that our children sleep on?

After all, we always go the extra mile to ensure they wear clothes that give them the greatest amount of comfort, don’t we? And we’re always making sure that they’re playing with toys made from the safest and most healthy plastic materials, so why do we just accept that cotton materials are the best choice for the health and development of their skin?

The power of linen

Unlike other kinds of bedding, linen is able to soak up moisture quickly and powerfully, with the admirable ability of supporting up to 20% of its weight without losing its unique dry texture.

Studies show that the strength of linen is twice as powerful as cotton and three times as resilient as wool. Such impressive strength is ideal for a child’s bedtime as it will assist with the little accidents that all children have from time to time.

Linen also possesses other forms of durability, such as the ability to be washed repeatedly at either high or low temperatures without the loss of its prized texture and consistency. This is particularly useful when you consider how often children’s bedding needs washing. They can be messy little things, after all.

Linen is environmentally friendly  

Linen is also the best choice for environmental reasons.

Linen is harvested from a plant known as the ‘Flax’ and is done so in an eco-friendly manner. This plant grows in hot Mediterranean and Asian climates and is used up entirely during production so that none of it goes to waste.

The natural elements of linen fabric also provides the material with an ‘antistatic’ element that stops it from generating the kind of static shocks that many fabrics produce, and which sometimes harm children.


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Keeping kids cool and healthy

During those sticky summer nights when children struggle to sleep in the heat, linen keeps them cool due to properties that cause to deflect heat, absorb moisture and make it cool to the touch.

We all know that judging a child’s temperature can often be tricky, so linen is ideal for maintaining a healthy balance for them.

Children often suffer allergic reactions to the materials they sleep on, but Linen products are different as they boast an all natural pH balance that prevents allergies from being triggered, including common skin conditions such as eczema.

The fibres that linen naturally contains creates the perfect environment for a child’s skin to breathe, thereby helping prevent the likelihood of an existing skin condition from spreading. The cooling properties of a linen product also helps to soothe children, making kids with skin problems less likely to scratch themselves.

Linen actually improves with age

As linen ages it actually becomes both stronger and softer to the touch. The strength of the fabric is the result of its natural qualities, and is an ideal way of lessening the inevitable costly damage that a child can cause to their bedding.

For all these reasons and more there is no better material for the safety and comfort of your child at night than linen. offers first class products provided by a team of professional linen suppliers to ensure that they supply quality items for all little bodies.

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