Keeping the glow with Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster

October 21, 2015

Autumn is now in full swing. The leaves are crunchy, the air is crisp and the sky is blue but from where I’ve been standing there has been a lack of good sunshine.

Over the summer I gained a lovely golden tan and if I’m 100% honest with you all, I don’t really want to lose it. I may be from England and I love the pale skin of a true English rose but on me, it just doesn’t look right.

In steps the godsend that is known as the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster. Those of you that like a beautifully subtle golden glow 365 days a year should bow down to this stuff. It’s REALLY good!

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster
A self-tanner that fits perfectly into your normal skincare routine as if it’s always been there, the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster is extremely simple to use. Just add a few drops to your face cream (this can be day or night cream) and mix it up then apply as your normally would for a made to measure healthy glow that develops into a beautiful natural looking tan without any streaks.

The glow in a bottle (as I like to call it) is great for all skin types. It leaves the skin feeling silky soft and doesn’t cause any breakouts, at least not for me or the friends of mine that have tried it).

The Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster is £19 for 15ml (which lasts for around 3 months) and is available from

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  • Reply Dominique

    I’m one of these really pale English roses. How do you think it would be on my skin? I’m pretty much paper white so would it look odd?

  • Reply Nikki Phillips

    I’ve only seen positive reviews on this so far. Hope they still have it next summer as i’d like to try it then. x

  • Reply Megan Ford

    Ooohh sounds interesting!

  • Reply Lauren S

    I bought the glow booster for body but the face one wasn’t in stock. Love the body one though so rally must go in and grab one of these too. xx

  • Reply Camille

    I love Clarins.

  • Reply Sasa

    Great beauty post! I really wanna try!!

    Shay xo / MissyDress

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