Keeping Up With Life And Chores

January 7, 2014

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people that like to note everything down and put as much as I can into my diary and I don’t just mean any important dates or meetings, I mean everything from what I’m cooking for dinner, my daily workouts, which rooms in the house I’m going to clean on what day – the list really go on!

Being in a new year and having so many exciting things coming up this year (Luke starting school full time being one huge thing). I started to think about how everyone else keeps on top of things. I seem to be on the move non-stop and can’t even get time to brush my hair on the best of days L

Did you know that most British people spend an average of 17 hours PER MONTH cleaning their homes and only 9 hours playing with their children?? I can’t imagine putting such little time into my children but maybe that’s why my house is not always as clean as it could be!

Anyway, take a look below to find out more interest facts!

Life time of chores – An infographic by the team at Co-operative Insurance

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