Kitchen Taps that create Infinite Possibilities in Collaboration with SuperBath

February 1, 2016

‘Do you want a drink?’ is a common question that we encounter every day, whether it be for that morning coffee or when it comes to relaxing after a day in the mill, with a cup of tea in front of the fire. Some may resort to other types of liquids after the grind, but nonetheless can you remember a day that you did not use your kitchen tap? Whether it be to wash those dishes that have been there for a few days, or to wipe those forever filthy surfaces, it is a pinnacle piece of equipment that you cannot live without.

Some argue that your kitchen tap says a lot about your personality, from that sparkling finish to design. What if I was to tell you this is a myth. The real element your choice portrays is whether you have made a quick, uncalculated decision. Gone are the days of taking the family to the showroom, which inevitably led to disputes of which one is the best. In this day and age everything is done through a box, with videos showing you everything you need to know, or a perfect array photographs, to reviews giving you that insider knowledge. We hope that the four brands below will give you that added imagination, to create your own architectural kitchen delight.

Grohe kitchen taps are widely regarded as one of the most innovatively focused and high quality brands to date. Not only does the German brand produce kitchen taps, but is also world renowned for its bathroom products such as showers, mixers and even toilet frames. The Grohe Zedra shown below is one of many designs by Grohe that are built with durability in mind, whilst also being aesthetically harmonious. With numerous technologies from protecting the finish, to a pull out spout, like majority of Grohe products out there, these are truly masterpieces in their own right.


Hansgrohe Kitchen Taps are another German player in the industry creating innovative products that have made big footprints across the world for over a hundred years. This brand is relatively unknown here in the UK, but is steadily starting to become quite an icon in the kitchen. With a multitude of international design awards under its belt and a stringent manufacturing process, Hansgrohe goes out of its way to ensure quality in everything it produces. The Hansgrohe Talis is widely regarded as one of the most popular ranges, with its simple yet elegant design, whilst incorporating everything that you could imagine or need for your kitchen.


The newest addition to our collection here at SuperBath is the Swiss phenomenon Franke. This is fast becoming one of the brightest, most sought after kitchen brands here in the UK. The Franke Lounge creates a bold sophisticated look that will be a stand out feature in your kitchen. Not forgetting the flawless design features giving you an opportunity to have a pull out spout and a 360° swivel range. Across Franke there is also the possibility numerous different colours. Whether you are after a Magnolia or Chocolate, rest assured there will be something that tickles your fancy in the range.


Ideal Standard as with Franke has been a recent addition to our range of brands. Although this range is the smallest we have here at SuperBath, there is no denying the simple prowess that Ideal Standard Retta portrays. With its easy fixation system for uncompromised ease for installation and a temperature limiter, you are never in doubt about being scalded. As well as Grohe, Ideal Standard have made a name in the bathroom industry, creating superior products that have now become somewhat the go to brand for many consumers and interior designers.


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