Kringle Candles – Review

February 25, 2014

Kringle Candle is a company ran by a Father and Son due but get this, the father creator of the one and only Yankee Candle Company so you’re really not going to find much better than this.

I’ve been sent some candles to try out and I want to share my thoughts and lots of photos with you all so lets just jump right in shall we..?!

My Thoughts


I’ll start by saying that ALL (yes all) the candles I have from Kringle Candle have an amazing scent both in terms of the way they smell and the way they throw their sent. They are all so true to their names and intensely fragrant.

The scent lingers – you know how some candles only smell while being burned or when you have your nose right next in the wax in the jar. Even 3-5 hours after putting a candle out you can still smell the wonderful fragrance (BIG bonus).


Kringle Candle Company offer many styles of candle to choose from including Apothecary Jars, Classic Jars, Day Lights, Tumblers, Tea Lights and more. They come in a large variety of sizes and the packaging all looks very good too, you can get coloured tumblers, patterned tumblers, clear crystal jars and glass jars.


Pretty spectacular I must say! Who ever thought a candle as small as a Tea Light would have a burn time of 6 hours..?? The larger jars have an outstanding burn time of up to 130 hours. Not only is the burn time great on all of the Kringle Candles, but the actual burn itself is something in itself, Very clean and doesn’t leave any of those horrible smoky black marks on the glass (which really doesn’t make the candle look as good as it can. Another thing is that these candles burn so brightly (more noticeably with the white coloured candles) they look beautiful in a room with the lights turned down low or even off.


Just pick one of these bad boys up and you will tell its quality right away! They are heavy and solid and you can really tell how well built not just the candle is but also the packaging whether it be a tumbler, glass pillar or another.


I’m a massive fan of candles and I’m sure you all know it by now but this means that I have tried A LOT out and I can truly say that Kringle Candle is now in the top two favorites. Not only are they all beautiful to have around your home but they would also all make wonderful gifts that I’m more than sure anyone would be thrilled to receive!

So let’s take a look at the candles I’ve got

First of all a selection of little Daylights and Tea Lights…

Watercolours (Daylight Candle – £2.50 – 12 hour burntime)
“The essence of approaching summer. We combined lavish floral notes and sweet fruit accords with a just-right counterpoint of sandalwood and musk to create this masterwork”

This is definitely perfect for spring and summer. It’s a yummy blend of floral and fruit with a very slight smooth musky kick but still very fresh at the same time. I really like this candle and am going to be keeping it aside as my bathtime companion.

Kringle Candles Watercolors

Coconut Pineapple (Daylight Candle – £2.50 – 12 hour burntime)
“If you like Pina Colada then you’ll love this tropical fusion of fresh, juicy pineapple and sweet creamy coconut”

Love this candle, it reminds me so much of summer and being on an island getaway sipping from coconuts and eating juicy pineapples. It so refreshing and just hits the spot when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps.

Kringle Candles Coconut Pineapple

Strawberry (Tea Light Candle – £0.99 – 6 hour burntime)
“Luscious and plump, there are few things more appealing than a glistening red strawberry at its absolute peak. We’ve focused that natural perfection into our delectable Strawberry fragrance”

Very true to its name. Sweet but not over the top, its like walking onto a strawberry farm.

Orange and Stars (Tea Light Candle – £0.99 – 6 hour burntime)
“Cheerful fresh orange notes marry charmingly with pungent dried clove buds to create an unforgettable synergy of scent with Orange and Stars”

I normally find candles scented with stars to be quite spicy and while this one does have a spicy element to it it’s also really fresh and sweet from the orange. It’s warm and comforting and prefect for cool nights when you want to relax with a cup of tea. The scents work so well together.

Kringle Candles Orange & Star and Strawberry

Hot Chocolate (Small Classic Apothecary Jar Candle – £6.99 – 15 hour burntime)
“Our Hot Chocolate is deep, rich and filled with true cocoa goodness”

This really does smell just like Hot Coco. Close your eyes and take a sniff – it’s like a healthy way to enjoy some chocolaty goodness!!

Kringle Candles Hot Chocolate

Peony (Coloured Small Tumbler Candle – £10.99- 20-25 hour burntime)
“Notoriously difficult to replicate, we’ve found the delightful sweet and lively essence of these lavish pink blossoms”

With peonies being one of my favourite flowers I’m very happy to say that this candle smells just like the real thing. It has a lovely sweet floral scent and I think the tumbler colour is perfect for the scent and name of this candle.

Kringle Candles Peony

Baby Dreams (Medium Classic Apothecary Jar Candle – £15.99- 50-70 hour burntime)
“We have created the smoothest most tranquil fragrance possible. Capturing the dreamy aroma of talc, with delicate calming notes that you will simply fall in love with”

The Baby Dreams scent is ever so relaxing. It reminds me so much of when my children where newborns. If you’re a parent then you will more than likely love this candle.

Kringle Candles Baby Dreams

Honeydew Melon (Summer Lights Medium Tumbler Candle – £11.89- 65-80 hour burntime)
“These melons slowly sip up the sun, becoming sweet as bee-gathered honey in the process. Honeydew Melon will fill your rooms with a succulent, cool fruit aroma that’s truly like no other”

This is the most realistic melon scent ever, it’s super fresh and sweet but not sickly at all. It makes me think of sitting out in the garden in the peak of summer and nibbling on melon slices. This one is a real WINNER!

Kringle Candles Honeydew Melon

I had to save my ultimate favourite till last and believe me; I think everyone will love this!!::

Vanilla Mint (Large Classic Apothecary Jar Candle – £19.99 – 90-130 hour burntime)
“Pairing vanilla’s comforting familiarity with the bracing bite of mint, Vanilla Mint is a just-right new delight that must be experienced”

Sweet, creamy, smooth and smells totally addible, you could just imagine it smothered in chocolate. Definitely a bedroom candle, I love falling asleep after having this lit for half an hour. It’s such a relaxing scent.

Kringle Candles Vanilla Mint
Kringle Candles Vanilla Mint

For all of my wonderful readers – Kringle Candle have given me a discount code for you all. You can get 10% with code  – ONLINEMUMMY10 – just enter during checkout in the “redeem a coupon code” box.

You can follow Kringle Candle on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and you can check out their website

Disclosure: PR Sample. All words are 100% my own and not affected in anyway.

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  • Reply Jenny

    Such a lovely post! I always like to have candles burning, these look really good quality as you say. I hadn’t heard of them before reading this post so thank you for sharing. xx

  • Reply Michala

    Wonderful post as always. These candles look really lovely! I love vanilla scents and mixed with mint sounds just devine! Think i’ll be ordering one (or two) this week.

  • Reply Tracy

    Lovely! I got the baby dreams for Christmas and I know just what you mean. It reminds me so much of when my children were babies too. I cried the first time i used it (soppy git). but they have moved to another country so I don’t see them that often now.

  • Reply Kate

    Ooo…I really like candles. These look really good.

  • Reply Alison H

    WANT them ALL!!! DO you think you will ever do a giveaway for some??
    Alison xx

  • Reply Amy Webber

    Mmm…they all sound amazing. I don’t know which i’d go for, may have to get them all 🙂 haha xx

  • Reply Jacky

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Wonderful photos 🙂 x

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