La Montana Candles

January 14, 2015

La Montana Candles

There is nothing I love more than candles (well apart from lipstick) and you know how crazy I go about them and how many I have but does that stop me from getting more..? Oh no it does not!!

When Cassandra got in touch and told me about her wonderful range of candles there was no chance I was going to say no to trying some of them.

Not wanting to be greedy, I went for two candles which I thought sounds lovely and boy am I glad I chose the ones I did. They are dreamy!

So let’s talk a little about the candles shall we?

Galán de Noche Candle: an intoxicating night-scented jasmine, with tantalising hints of rose, orange blossom, and ylang yang this candle is my favourite out of the two. It smells like a complete and utter heaven, dreamy, and calming scent.

La Montana Candles La Montana Candles

Winter Oranges Candle: a warm, spicy blend of Valencia orange, cinnamon, red apple, and clove makes this candle one of those that make you go ‘ahhh’. The orange scent is so real that it actually makes my mouth water and mixed with the lovely spices it becomes relaxing and moreish.

La Montana Candles La Montana Candles

All La Montana Candles contain a stunning mixture of natural and essential oils giving them such amazing scent payoff. Trust me when I say that you can smell them in another room even when they’re not lit.

Not only do the smell wonderful, they all have a burn time of at least 40 hours which makes me very happy (don’t want these running out too quickly).

The candles come beautifully packaged in boxes with lovely corresponding photos on them, they are all priced at £35 which includes the postage and packing inside the UK (and just £5 P&P for overseas orders in Europe)

If you do nothing else today I would definitely recommend taking a look at La Montana Candles.

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  • Reply hannah jenkins

    The first one sounds so beautiful. That photo of your daughter is so sweet. Bless her! Taking after her mum and loving candles by the looks of it 🙂

  • Reply marie

    They booth sound lovely but I really like warn orange scents so the Winter Oranges Candle would be the one I’d go for. xx

  • Reply joan ringks

    They sound beautiful Lorraine. Love the labels on them.

  • Reply Ellie

    The orange sounds great! x

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