The Lavish List – 7 Tips For Staying Stylishly Warm This Winter

November 21, 2017

It’s easy enough to let yourself go a bit during the winter months.

Have you ever been guilty of not shaving your legs for weeks on end, or reaching for the dry shampoo one too many times? When temperatures drop, getting out of bed of a morning can be hard enough –  not to mention making sure you look stylish your top priority! But who can deny that it sure does feels good when you look your best, whatever the season?

Here are are some low maintenance, yet lavish ways to stay stylish this winter:

  1. Sexy sweatsuits

Sexy sweatsuits? Yes you heard right, sweatsuits can be stylish. And, what’s more, they will ensure you stay warm and comfy during the winter months. Designer sweats (such as these from Runway96) are super luxe and bring serious swagger.

They just aren’t in the same ballpark as your usual ‘tracky daks’. Fleece lined styles will keep you toasty. And, fashion-forward designs will ensure your look stays relevant.

  1. Bad-ass bombers

When it comes to winter women’s clothing, the bomber jacket sure is a winner. The bomber brings an edgy urban aesthetic, whilst providing a really good amount of practical insulation – especially when you consider quilted inner linings.

So, you stay sharp –  even when it blows a gale or even snows outside! Modern incarnations are incorporating fringes and similar embellishments. And, satin versions really take things up a notch in the glam stakes!

  1. Cosy cardigans

Cardigans don’t have to be daggy. They can be streamlined and elegant. Or, rustic and a bit boho. They can be long-line or cropped. Cardigans can be super chic (think a classic chanel number).

Pop one over a LBD and add some pearls for a little retro glam. Cardigans keep you feeling cosy and are one of the most minimal fuss items for your winter wardrobe. 

  1. Babelicious boots

There’s a pair of boots for any occasion. When you want to hit the town in winter, the perfect footwear solution equals the stiletto boot. Need to hit the pavement for some errands? Some flat soled boots will keep you all warm and toasty – whilst providing a good level of practicality.

Whether sueded, laced, patterned, coloured, platform or cowboy – slip on a great pair of boots for simple, sexy style.

  1. Funky faux fur

Funky faux fur is so in! And, it’s great news for winter. How amazing does it feel to cuddle up in your own wearable fluffy blanket? Faux fur is even making an appearance on footwear.

In any colour of the rainbow, faux fur styles are having a major moment. Try a vest layered over your favourite outfit for an extra dose of warmth and a to add an edge to your regular winter look.

  1. High-fashion hats

If it’s super cold outside you will find that you will be in need of some fashionable headgear and hats. But, you can think past the beanie – and, get creative!

This winter season sees knit hats, russian style fur hats, and even berets take the spotlight. These are great for keeping the tips of your ears warm, and can look super cute when paired with a suitable outfit.

  1. Bangin’ belts

Waist cinching belts are perfect for winter style. When fashion becomes layered and baggy it can feel like your figure is getting swamped in swaddles of fabric. Belts draw in your silhouette and accentuate your waist, making you look more streamlined and sleek. Add a belt to your outfit to switch up your style in an instant.

Lookin’ Lavish:

Who says you need to let yourself go come winter? Looking lavish need not be a hassle. Luxe variations on classic winter staples, and a few extra touches can really spruce up your winter look for evergreen style.

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