Little Helper Funstation Duo – Updated

December 17, 2013

Luke has always been one for drawing, colouring and doing arts and crafts things and recently Amelia has started to love drawing (scribbling) too, so I thought it would be lovely to get them something they could do all their art and crafts on. I headed to the land of ‘my laptop’ and started searching for the right item.

Thats when I came across the Funstation Duo, a funky and contemporary twin desk set for budding artists, born out of parental feedback and research. We all know that kids simply love playing together so with the new contemporary FunStation Duo, they can do it in style. This double desk can comfortably accommodate two children both using A4 paper.

Little Helper Funstation Duo 1

Designed with young creatives in mind, the FunStation Duo comes complete with tabletop desk, two chairs and a pen/paintbrush holder.

The FunStation Duo is priced at £129.99 and comes in a range of 3 colours – Maple, Maple & Red and Walnut.

We’re keeping it boxed up and will be building it on Christmas Eve once the kiddies go to bed so they can find it on Christmas morning – I’ll update this post with our thoughts and of course their thoughts and photos of them using it in a few weeks time 🙂

Little Helper Funstation Duo 2


Now for the fun part guys, what we and of course our children thought of the Funstation Duo.


The Funstation Duo is pretty easy to put together and comes with easy to follow instructions and a few little tools (which unlike a lot of other flat pack tools – they actually work!)


For the most part the quality is really good. One of the chairs is a little rocky and does have a bit of movement when sitting on, this is also the chair that unfortunately decided to fall apart on us when my son sat on it a few weeks after it had been set up. The other chair broke on us too (about a month after we started using it) which isn’t really very good (we’re going to try and fix them but looks like we’ll need to new wood). The table is wonderful though and is much more stable and durable that the poor chairs.


The Funstation Duo look beautiful. It has a really nice finish on to it and I love the curved legs of the table and chairs look really lovely and give it a great shape that is also unusual (our children love the way it looks) Our children love the little red pencil cup and they will happily sit there for hours together (albeit sitting on the floor)

The Funstation Duo 1
The Funstation Duo 2

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