Little Nibbles Of Heaven – Nākd Infused Raisins

October 12, 2013

So guys, today I wanted to talk about another awesome product from Nākd at Natural Balance Foods. These Little Nibbles Of Heaven are their Infused Raisins which come in an assortment of different flavours but are all immensely tasty.

“Delicious, fruity raisins with a burst of flavour, from zingy lime to fizzy cola and sweet juicy cherry. These are a great alternative to sweets and because they’re made with all natural flavours and ingredients, make the perfect healthy snack. Ideal for lunch boxes, satisfying a sweet tooth, and even baking and sprinkling. What’s more, they even count towards your five a day!”

Not only do they come in some great flavours, every raisin so so plump and juicy which makes the oh so moreish and satisfying. I would highly recommend these if your children don’t really like eating fruit – they’ll be munching up in no time!

We were lucky enough to have been able to try 3 flavours:

Nakd Raisins 3

Cola Infused

Wow, these do sure have the yummy sweet but fizzy flavour to them. Such a treat, when you don’t want your kids drinking cola! How often is it that you can have something cola flavoured that isn’t loaded with sugar and nasties…? Such a wonderful idea.

Nakd Raisins 2

Lime Infused

These are packed with flavour and zip and dance on your taste buds! I love this flavour so much.. They remind me of a chewy lime sweet I love’d as a little girl (I forget the name now) and with these I don’t have to feel bad about eating sticky sweeties 🙂

Nakd Raisins 1

Pineapple Infused

These where Luke and Amelia’s favorites. They would happily sit still for a bag of these juicy pineapple raisins.

Perfect for pockets, purses and picnics, these yummy little snacks are also compact enough to fit in children’s lunchboxes and with no added sugar, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the little ones are eating as well as you are. “

Keep an eye out for more goodness from Natural Balance Foods but for now be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I was sent these bars free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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