Living Room Focal Point Decorating Tips

April 24, 2018

Decorating the living room can be quite an adventure, but if we are not careful it could end up an overcrowded disaster. That one focal point can serve as inspiration for the complete living room decor, this is why it is of utmost importance to choose it wisely and think upfront what is the direction we want our design to go.

This article features some great tips on choosing the right focal point for your living room and then building the rest of the design around it.

The armchair

The go to focal point for most modern living room design, the armchair is bringing back the vision of the children gather round their mother who is reading a story to them. Even the design of the armchair is reminiscent of old times with wide headrest and strong patterns. In order to truly serve as a visually stunning focal point the armchair should be placed near a window so that the colours are clearly distinguishable and it should serve as the inspiration for the entire colour scheme of the living room. Monochromatic armchairs can be complemented by colourful pillow that feature strong geometric or floral patterns.

The right kind of rug

Rugs are great focal points and a lot of designers love turning to them. Both design and color play crucial roles when it comes to choosing the right kind of rug, for example retailers like Decorug offer polyester carpets of such high quality that they are both perfect as focal points and quite easy to maintain. When deciding on a rug as a focal point, the key is to make it pop, so the color and pattern should be different then the color scheme of the rest of the room, but at the same time complementary as not to disrupt the quality of the entire living room design.

Accent wall

Using an accent wall as a focal point is a simple yet quite effective decorating tip. Choose just one living room wall, preferably the one directly opposite of the window as to add depth to the room. Strong, dark colours can really make your accent wall a true focal point of the entire living room design. The biggest pieces of furniture should be grouped around focal point and should serve as a counter balance colourwise, this means that a dark accent wall beckons soft, light furniture colour, and also the other way around, soft, light accent walls should be countered by darker coloured furniture.

Stunning artwork

Artwork is definitely a fantastic option for a focal point. When chosen correctly it can dominate the entire design creating a stylish and modern living room decor. A large, eye-catching piece might be exactly what your living room decor needs to make it a success. Just don’t choose the art based on your decorating needs, it is much better to choose the piece based on your personal preferences, and build the living room design around it. That way every time you walk into the room you will be blown away by the beauty and artistic statement of the piece you have chosen. So go right ahead and make the choice based on your heart and not your mind.

Go green

With a bit of ingenuity you could use plants as amazing focal points. Wide leaves, long branches and a stunning pot can turn your green corner into a true eyecatcher. Opt for strong green leaf colour and contrast it with light pot shades. You can do a cascading look with the pot holder or have them in a straight line on a shelf. Don’t forget to ensure they have enough sunlight exposure and are watered regularly. The whole design idea around plants as focal points would go out of the window if your greenery looks dry and sickley.

So there you have it some easily applicable living room decorating tips that will help you choose the ideal focal point for your design. Whichever idea you decide to apply make sure you complement it with the rest of the chosen items, a room that has too many items or a lot of colour mixes can seem overcrowded and simply all over the place decor wise.

About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”



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