LJH Probiotics Sleeping Cream

October 15, 2015

Today is the start of another series of posts. This time around it’s all about Korean Skincare. Who’s excited? First up I’m going to be talking about the Probiotics Sleeping Cream by the king of skin LJH (Lee Ji Ham). Lee Ji Ham is known for being a god for treating sensitive, troubled and uneven skin tones.

I’m a big fan of night creams and when The Silk Rose sent me the Probiotics Sleeping Cream I kind of knew I’d be in love with it right away. Even with me thinking this, the product has blown me away so much more than I expected.

LJH Probiotics Sleeping CreamLJH Probiotics Sleeping Cream
Probiotics are great for the body. We eat them in foods and they help our guts in wonderful ways so why shouldn’t we be putting them on our faces too? Well, the fact of the matter is that we do. Ever heard of the homemade facemasks using Greek yoghurt? I have and I’ve even done them quite a few times.

Probiotics have some serious backbone when it comes to acne-fighting benefits, strengthening the skins barrier and even collagen synthesis. These are only a few of the ways that probiotics can work amazingly for the skin. Sounds good doesn’t it!

The Probiotics Sleeping Cream gives far more to us than just being ‘another night cream’.  It goes even further than moisturising our faces and giving them a glow. Formulated with 50% probiotic extracts (for all those good benefits I’ve been talking about), it helps neutralise free radical damage, soothe skin, improve uneven skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores. Of course it also hydrates the skin brilliantly too.

Application-wise the cream is very different in texture and consistency than anything else I’ve called a night cream. It’s like watery gel that instantly soaks into the skin when applied and its cooling feeling leaves the skin feeling fresh and soothed. I would say that you only need a very small amount as it does spread out on the skin really well.

If you love the sound of the Probiotics Sleeping Cream then head over to The Silk Rose where you can get it for just £35.

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  • Reply melissa W

    I am such a fan of korean skincare. Really love the sheet masks they have.

  • Reply Poppy H

    Amazing post and product.

  • Reply Victoria Rose

    Finally, somewhere in the UK to get lots of Korean Skincare from…YES! xxx

  • Reply Stepanie M

    Wow, such an informative post. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Reply Deven

    What a detailed post. Amazing!! Have you tried out those facial sponge things? I forget what they’re called but you may know what I mean 🙂 . This sounds really nice. Love moisturising products for night time. x

  • Reply Colleen

    Oooo a series…loved your last one. I’m really interested in korean skincare so can’t wait for more posts

  • Reply Maxine Roadden

    Sounds so good for the skin. Lovely post Lorraine.

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