Lose Baby Weight With Bulk Powders: My 30 Day Challenge – Week 3 Results

August 23, 2013

Eeeekkk…I just need to start off by say that I have dropped a dress size!! I thought I would have a giggle and put some shorts on that were too small for me last month and guess what….I got in them and not only did I get in them but they did up too!! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!

Anyway…where was I..?? Oh yes, this week I have started to notice a lot of change in my thigh muscles…they are becoming a lot harder and more like when I used to do a lot of horse riding – which I would say is a good thing but I keep a nice lean look without having man legs so we’ll have to work on leaning them up rather than bulking them out!

My endurance has come on leaps and bounds and I still have energy after an hour run which is awesome!

My measurements are still going down but I still haven’t weighed myself…I think I might once I have finished the month off – just to see 🙂 My bust is staying the same – you have probably noticed that, I think it’s just because I’m breastfeeding though.

Week 3 measurements:

Bust: 36
Waist: 25.5
Hips: 33
Left Arm: 11
Right Arm: 11
Left Thigh: 23
Right Thigh: 23

Total Loss This Week:

1.5 Inches


bulk powders challenge week 3  front bulk powders challenge week 3 back bulk powders challenge week 3 left side bulk powders challenge week 3 right side

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