Lulu and Boo Seaweed Purifying mask

August 7, 2014

We all know I live face masks and use them regularly in my skincare routine. I love applying a lovely cool mask and sitting back with a cup of tea and just have a bit of relax time (possibly with a yummy smelling candle lit too).

Lulu and Boo Seaweed Purifying Mask

The Lulu and Boo Seaweed Purifying mask is a deeply purifying natural and organic mask for problem and oily skin that detoxifies and brightens the complexion with a divine concoction of ingredients such as:

Organic Seaweed – helps to oxygenate, tone and revitalise the skin
Papaya and Apple extracts – naturally contain alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), which help to loosen and remove dead skin cells
Green Clay – rich in minerals and active enzymes, stimulate the skin’s circulation and helps to draw out toxins and impurities
Propolis Extract – known for its natural antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties

The mask applies really evenly on the skin and has a wonderful cool feeling. You can feels its deep cleaning action getting to work almost immediately all while your skin stays feeling moist and supple and not feeling tight or dried out. Only a small amount is needed to cover the face with a good layer so the jar will last for a good amount of time which is always a plus.

Lulu and Boo Seaweed Purifying Mask

I have been using this mask for over a month now and love it more and more with each use and better yet, my skin loves it too. I want to just quickly mention that I don’t have oil skin, I actually get a few dry areas but this mask has actually put all those dry areas to sleep and my skin has been soft and smooth while using it, so I honestly feel that all skin types could use this.

As for price, The Lulu and Boo Seaweed Purifying mask comes in at £21 for 50ml which against the price of some of my others masks is pretty darn good. Like I mention before, you only need a small amount with each use so as it lasts so long and has such wonderful ingredients I would 100% say that it’s well worth the money!

Lulu & Boo have a huge variety of products ranging from skincare for all skin types, to body care and even baby care products. You should really check out their website and you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Reply Makeup and the Bride

    Love this. I’ve been using it for about 5 months now and its made my skin so clear and balanced looking. Great review!! xxx

  • Reply Amy Jaine

    Sounds and looks fab. I love organic products. I love scrubs and have oil prone skin so might give this a try! Thanks for sharing xx

  • Reply Matilda

    I love the look of Lulu & Boo products. They all sound so amazing. x

  • Reply Jen McCaw

    Really nice review and sounds like a great mask/scrub. Cute packaging too! x

  • Reply Amber Stelleri

    Love companies that use organic ingredients and also use glass packaging like this.

    Amber x

  • Reply Jacky Lowe

    Love anything that deep cleanses and this looks so good. Will have to get it once I get paid again. I agree with Jen and Amber too, love the glass jar and the label is super cute! xxxxx

  • Reply Lisa Smyth

    There is nothing better than a good pamper session with a few candles burning and a yummy facemask! Its probably my favourite thing to do! This one looks lovely:)

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