How to Make Your Master Bedroom Into a Sleep-friendly Heaven

January 10, 2018

Our view of sleep has gone through a lot of transformation in recent times. Sleep was initially not an issue of concern, and in fact, a lot of people took it for granted. However, studies done in the past 10 or so years have gone to show just how valuable the quality of sleep that we receive is to our overall well-being. The position that you take while in bed, that is, belly, back or side sleeping on your bed are all essential when it comes to picking a mattress. All of these dictate the quality of sleep that we receive. There are other factors to consider to transform your master bedroom into a sleep-friendly heaven. Let’s consider some.

1.     Be Technology Free

Phones, laptops and other technologies of course except for your smart bed (if you have one) should not be anywhere in your bedroom if you’re to enjoy high-quality sleep. They have been known to interrupt our sleep and eventually cause us not to have a good night’s rest. Well, it’s not bad to listen to some soothing music while in your bedroom, the key is to ensure that we regulate the technology that we let into the room and switching them off when it’s time to turn in.

2.     Work On The Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of any bedroom. Total darkness is vital for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Therefore, dim lights and close the curtains if necessary. However, during the day, ensure that your bedroom receives sufficient lighting. More so when you wake up, open the curtains to let your body know it’s time to wake up.

3.     Get The Right Mattress

The right mattress, right being relative, is essential if your master bedroom is to be a sleep-friendly heaven. The type of bed that you have is central to having the ideal bedroom. The right mattress is one that suits your sleeping posture, doesn’t make you ache or get too hot when you sleep. Find the perfect bed for you and your bedroom.

4.     Paint Your Walls with Your Preferred Colors

Paint your wall with the most suitable colors, colors that will make you feel relaxed and enjoy the tranquility of your room. Shades such as purple, white, blue and light pink are suitable for creating the perfect mood for your bedroom. They’ll actually make you feel relaxed as you get into bed, giving you some relaxing sleep.

5.     Have The Toilet and Bathroom Included

Although waking up in the night to go to the bathroom is not advisable, should you be forced to do so, ensure that your toilet and bathroom are in your bedroom. That way you don’t have to cover a long distance and completely disrupt your sleep. Plus, a warm bath before you sleep is perfect for a good night’s rest.

6.     Regulate The Temperature

Have temperature regulation in your bedroom, that way; you’ll ensure that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold making your rest uncomfortable. If your master bedroom is to be a sleep-heaven, then you’ll need the right temperature.

7.     Cleanliness is Crucial

Dust and other waste material don’t have a place in your master bedroom. Therefore, ensure that your bedroom is regularly cleaned so that it’s always spotless.

8.     Create The Perfect Atmosphere

Creating the right atmosphere for your bedroom is crucial. You can have flowers for the perfect aroma or scented candles that help you relax. Generally, just decorate it as necessary for you to have it beautiful but don’t put a lot of things that may distract your sleep.

Turning your master bedroom into a sleep-friendly heaven is quite easy. You only need to identify what works for you and put it into action. These eight tips will guide you to transform your bedroom!

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