Make your eyes look beautiful with semi permanent eyebrows

October 1, 2015

When it comes to makeup eyes are one place where you can try different styles to look stunning,but to further add to the beauty of eyes, having a lush, thick and full eyebrows is very important. People who have brows of their dreams are really lucky, as there is large population of people who have to everyday deal with their thin and scarce eyebrows and use makeup to make them appear thicker. Using eyebrow pencils and powders for brow thickening is not only time consuming, but the results are also temporary and last for only few hours. So if you are tired of sitting in front of mirror for hours correcting your brows then using semi permanent eyebrows can prove to be a good option as the result of these products are long lasting.

semi permanent eyebrows
Eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos, which is also termed as permanent eyebrows by some, is a cosmetic procedure through which pigments are inserted into the dermis using a special tattoo machine to give a fuller and thicker appearance to the eyebrows. The procedure is executed by an expert in this field and results are long lasting. Like other tattoos, these also fade up with time and thus touch up is also needed.

Benefits of eyebrow tattoo:

  • One of the most prominent benefit of these tattoos is getting the desired brows which makes you look beautiful and gorgeous
  • Once these tattoos are done, you do not have to apply makeup everyday and thus this saves lot of your time
  • They give a long lasting result and will also not smudge or get wiped away easily

Besides the list of benefits, there are some disadvantages also associated with eyebrow tattoos. If the results are not as per your expectation after the procedure you cannot get rid of them, the process is quite expensive and with age these tattoos tend to sag.


WUNDERBOW is an amazing product which does not have any disadvantages and also gives long lasting results.  This product is a first of its kind and features a blend of hair like fibers that get fastened to the existing hair and skin of the brows. It gives youa naturally looking thicker and fuller brow. The exclusive Permafix Technology of the product ensures that hair fibers are infused in a gel, which give it a flexible matrix that locks in the fibers and natural color onto your brows. You simply need to apply short and feathery strokes over the sparse spots of your brows.The hair-like fibers of the product blend well with the existing brows and result in well defined and naturally looking thicker brows in just 2 minutes.

Benefits of using Wunderbrow:

  • One of the major benefits of using this product is the fact that it can be easily used at homeand there is no need to visit special salons and spend exorbitant amounts of money
  • The results of the product is long lasting for days
  • The product is available in multiple shades to match with your brow color
  • The staying power of the product is good and it is also waterproof, budge proof and transfer proof
  • It is a painless process and results are visible in just two minutes

Bearing in mind the above advantages, Wunderbrow can be considered as one of the best semi permanent eyebrows solutions.

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  • Reply Stephanie Usher

    Interesting post! I’d definitely be scared to use permanent solutions on my brows!

    Stephanie xxx

    • Reply Lorraine

      Me too. I’m more than happy getting my hd brows every 6 weeks and filling them in when I do my makeup 🙂

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