Making up your own baby hamper

May 20, 2015

Put together a personalised and unique baby shower hamper and your gift will be a hit with the parents-to-be.

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If you’re struggling to come up with a gift idea for the upcoming baby shower, why stop at one gift? Why not choose a couple of personal items and put together a unique hamper for the parents-to-be.

Here are some ideas for gifts to add to baby hampers Brisbane:


New mums can’t have enough pacifiers. Pacifiers are known for disappearing when you need them the most so parents-to-be will be grateful for the stockpile.


Parents face a myriad of mess daily, or often hourly. Babies and children are experts at creating mess, leaving marks in the car, around the house and on mum’s clothing. Parents-to-be can expect to wipe up messes like spit up, breast milk, urine, spilled milk, vomited oatmeal, squeezed baby food and much more.

With all the different combinations of messes and surfaces, wipes will be a very welcome gift. Get an assortment for baby hampers Brisbane that can disinfect, moisturise, scrub and is chemical-free. Face wipes are a big plus too to save time when mum’s exhausted. Baby wipes really are an invaluable addition to any baby hamper gift. While the parents may not quite appreciate wipes as a gift immediately, don’t worry as they soon will.

A Video Monitor

This might well be an item that the parents have already placed in an official gift registry list somewhere and rightly so. Just how did parents cope before they were able to tune into channel babe and watch their offspring’s every breath? By keeping an eye on their baby’s sleeping, parents learnt to distinguish between the “I’m just calling you, I’ll go back to sleep shortly” cry and the “I really need my nappy changed, I’m uncomfortable and removed it myself while waiting for you” cry. Without the visual help of a baby video monitor, parents have a tough time figuring out if their baby is simply letting off a manipulative whimper or is actually crying in distress. So this is one item to add to your personalised hamper that is guaranteed to be appreciated, treasured and well-used.

Something a Little Different

Picture this: mum and dad finally get baby off to sleep after a week of no sleep. They creep slowly out of the nursery, as quiet as can be, to get a snack in the kitchen. Just as they are about to sit down and enjoy, the doorbell rings. And life feels like it’s going to fall apart. The dogs start barking, baby starts screaming and mum heaves a heavy sigh while fighting back tears as dad answers the door to the delivery man.

You can help new parents avoid this chaotic scene by having a sign made for over the doorbell that indicated there is a sleeping baby at home. You can pick up these types of signs at various stores and online shops. Or you could make one yourself to add to baby hampers Brisbane. Just make sure that the sign is really specific so they don’t end up with delivery guys knocking really loudly instead of ringing on the bell.

As for the rest of the hamper, clothing suitable for the season, soft toys, socks, nappies, baby products and even a treat or two for mum finish off your personal baby hamper and are bound to be a big hit.

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