Making your Home a Sanctuary Full of Harmony and Peacefulness

October 12, 2018

Every day can be a challenge full of stress and anxiety. Maybe you were stuck in traffic and were late for work, maybe you had an important meeting that didn’t go well, maybe you forgot your wallet at home and couldn’t get coffee. After a day like that, you deserve to come home to a peaceful and harmonious environment that will banish all your fears. But, how does one create such a space without too much trouble? Check out this short guide for great ideas and inspiration.

Start from the clutter

No matter if you’re sitting in the middle of it or relaxing somewhere 10 miles from it, clutter at home will always create subconscious chaos in your body. So, before you start doing any home improvements, do get rid of your mess. Once you clean out the place, you’ll instantly feel much lighter and happier. Also, we all have both good and bad memories connected to the items we possess, no matter if it’s your sofa, a photo on the wall or a tiny stain on the living room carpet. However, items that carry negative memories can subconsciously drain you and put you in a bad mood. Remove the bad juju from your home and you’ll have a much more serene space!

Use colors

Did you know that colors affect us so much that they can make us sleepy or boost our heart rate? While psychologists still don’t understand the phenomenon fully, it’s true that colors have a strong influence on people. So, check out the psychology of colors before you settle on your home’s palette!

Decorate with nature

Humans have an inborn instinct to feel relaxed and safe when surrounded by nature. So, make sure to fill your home with organic and natural elements that will boost the sense of calmness and peace. Think wool throws, earthenware, turned wood bowls, driftwood decoration and seashells.

Give some love to your outdoor spaces

Sometimes, all you need to do to boost your relaxation is catch some sun, breathe some fresh air and relax surrounded by greenery. If you live in the city, the easiest way to do all of these is to go out to your garden and enjoy domesticated nature! Make sure to have plenty of flora, but for the best effect, you can even invest in a fountain to provide you with the relaxing sounds of water! Counterbalance water with a fire pit and you’ll strike a perfect feng shui in your backyard! Sure, gardening is very therapeutic, but if you have a notoriously black thumb, you can always contact professionals. For instance, experts from Think Outside Gardens can not only design and construct your garden, but can also help with maintenance! They will mulch, prune, irrigate, clean and do all the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy your oasis in peace.

Plant some plants

Plants can have a great effect on our mood and health when placed inside the house as well! They not only add a pop of relaxing color but also clean the air and fill the space with fresh oxygen. So, get some planters and welcome greenery into your home.

Boost comfort

Sitting on uncomfortable furniture will never allow you to relax. Sure, those supermodern sofas look amazing, but they offer zero coziness for afternoon naps and evening movies! Also, there are other things that affect comfort besides furniture. The best way to make a space inviting and welcoming is by boosting its warmth with fluffy and soft textures. Think (faux) sheepskin or shaggy carpets, quality velvet pillows and warm wool throws!

Shine some light on it

Dark spaces make us feel moody and uncomfortable, while lighting that’s too bright causes eyestrain. Fortunately, there’s one type of lighting that is just perfect—sunlight! So, pull back those curtains and let the sunshine in. For nighttime, you can install dimmers to strike just the right lighting level that feels good on the eyes!

With only a few changes, your home can become an oasis of relaxation, harmony and peace for all of your family members! You’ll forget all about stress as soon as you cross your doorstep!

About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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