Mazorin Wash Trade face Scrub and Ockham’s Razor Shaving Cream

May 7, 2014

William was recently sent some two lovely new additions to the Mazorin Skincare range to try out and he seems to be very happy with them – Here’s his post.

Mazorin specialise in skincare for urban professionals. All products contain NO PARABENS, NO MINERAL OILS, NO SYNTHETIC COLOURS, NO PHTHALATES AND NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS (see, even men think about these things!)


First up there is the Wash Trade Face Scrub (as named) it’s a face scrub that works to exfoliate and unclog pores while cleaning the skin of impurities and dead skin cell all without drying it out. The exfoliating element comes in the form of both manual and chemical. The manual side coming from Bamboo and Maracuja Powder and the chemical coming from Salicylic Acid.

Main Active Ingredients:

White willow extract: natural source of salicina and excellent antibacterial, with astringent and anti-oxidant properties; reduces inflammation and stimulates skin regeneration by exfoliating dead skin cells
Malachite: a green stone rich in copper that has an antiseptic action that keeps the skin protected against external damage and stimulates collagen
Salicylic Acid: a colourless crystalline organic acid. The topical use helps clear and prevent pimples and acne. It works by stimulating cell renewal

The scrub is quite a creamy texture that stays creamy rather than foaming up. It obviously has those little scrubby bits in but they are very small and there aren’t too many bits which provide just the right amount of scrub without hurting the skin or causing any redness.

It’s quite florally scented but once washed off only leaves a subtle fresh, clean scent on the skin.

For £15 you get 150ml which I think it’s well priced as it does such a nice job on the skin. Definitely worth purchasing once I’ve used it all.



Next up there is the Ockham’s Razor Shaving Cream which again is non foaming which is meant to improve glide and reduces razor friction (which I’d happily say is true).

The cream is fairly thick but a little spreads out evenly over the skin to get a full shave. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to promote healing, skin renewal and preventing irritation.

Main Active Ingredients:

Greater Plantain: aka “Soldier’s herb”, used for millennia to heal wounds on the battlefield. The bioactive compounds contained have strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and promote skin renewal
Omega 3 and 6: extracted from camelina sativa and sunflower, omega fatty acids improve skin moisture and help the production of lipid barriers
Vitamin E: strong antioxidant, increases oxygen in skin tissues, acts directly on free radicals and speeds the skin’s natural repair systems

The scent of this is a little more manly but still very clean and fresh.

Priced at £12.50 you get 150 ml just like the scrub. Again I think I’ll be purchasing once I’ve used it all. I like how it makes my skin feel fresh and smooth and helps give such a clean shave.

Overall I liked both of these and as I mentioned a would be very happy to buy them after I’ve used these up.

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    Well done on this post William! Glad to see your getting involved on the blog too.

  • Reply Geniveve

    Just commented on your Nars post and saw this one, think my BF would love these. He has problems such as redness when he shaves and these sound like they would be really good for him. Thanks for sharing x

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