Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400 Vibration Plate 2 Week Update

February 3, 2014

Hey guys! I’m back with my first update on the Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400. Today I’m going to talk about how you use the machine and how easy it is as well as my general and overall thoughts so far and of course my results so far.

Ease Of Use:

As some of you gym junkies may know. Getting used to the set-up and use of a new workout machine can sometimes be a little tricky especially when it has a lot of functions and speeds. Well, this is as easy as pie (but please, think healthy pie). To get an idea of how easy it really is just take a look at this:

Step 1: Plug in and switch on
Step 2: Choose which program you want using the ‘auto/fatscan button
Step 2: Press the ‘on button’ and away you go!

See what I mean? Super easy right! You can also manually choose your vibration speed (without a program)

To find out you BMI there are some simple instructions to follow inside the booklet that comes with the machine, again this is really easy to do and take a matter of about 2 minutes of your time. I think it’s great to do this before your start and then do it again every two of three months. I’m pretty happy with my starting BMI (though it would be really bad) but I’m well inside the healthy range.

 Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400

Overall Thoughts so far…

Woah. Boy do you feel the burn when you workout on the Medicarn  Eco Stability Series 400. It literally feels like you’ve been for a 10 mile run – but I think that’s pretty awesome just in 10 minutes. You defiantly feel all of your muscles activating and your skin can go a little red from where your blood is pumping more.

I was a little sceptical about how they say just using vibration plates can make you feel happier but so far I’ve always felt really good after using it, and the feeling always sticks around. I think I’ve defiantly been much happier and a more alive person since starting with the . I’ve put it down to the fact that your blood flow increases as well as your serotonin and neutrophine levels.

My Results So Far… (Jan 20th – Feb 3rd)

Over the past two weeks I’ve been using the Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400 twice a day, five days per week. I’ve held off of any other kind of workouts for this time just so I could see the real effects of the machine and I have to say, I’m a little lost for words on how well it really !!DOES WORK!!

So, I’ve been on this 20 times so far (like I say, with no additional workouts) but of course, healthy eating and I’ve already lost 5.1 inches form over my measurement points.

I haven’t weighed myself as I’m going to do that every month rather than every fought night.

 Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400

In my next update I will talk about some of the workouts you can do on/with the machine so come back in 2 weeks for that.

Disclosure: PR Sample

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