Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400 Vibration Plate 6 Week Update

March 3, 2014

Hey guys it’s update time on the Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400 Vibration Plate again.

I can’t begin to go on about how much I LOVE this machine…I’ve been incorporation other kinds of workouts into each day now and i swear using this is making me so much stronger than I have been in the past.

You may remember I said I would weigh myself…well I did and 🙂 I’ve lost half a stone 🙂 I think now that I’m also doing other workouts I will start to see the weight drop a little more the the remainder of the review period but from not really having to do too much strenuous work i’m pretty chuffed.

I’ve also lost another inch and a half!! I’m starting to look and feel more toned, my bum is firming up and my arms are starting to look defined rather than flabby.

Series 400 on White

I would definitely recommend taking a look at this on the Medicarn website and also checking out the other exercise gear they have available!

Come back in another fortnight for find out what accessories you can get to go along with the Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400 Vibration Plate including an amazing workout DVD.

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