Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask

February 12, 2016

You guys know how much I love face masks and one that is deeply cleansing and detoxifying while also being nourishing is always on the top of my list which is why the Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask has been my ‘go to’ for the past two weeks.

Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask

I’ve spoken about a Merumaya mask before and loved it but this one, this little beauty right here is on another level of awesomeness. Let me tell you why.

Firstly.. The Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask is thick and I mean THICK, yet it glides onto the skin so smoothly ( as always, I like to use my trusty old foundation brush to apply the mask) and it gets to drying pretty quickly which is great when you have a lovely fluffy dressing gown on…right?

Secondly.. Once the mask has been on for 5 minutes the skin starts to feel cool and soothed (almost like the feeling you get when you use something with menthol in it) I love this cooling sensation and it makes the experience all that more wonderful.

Thirdly.. It smells AMAZING!!

Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask
Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask
Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask

Lastly.. You know when you use a purifying mud mask that sucks the shit out of your face and you end up feeling like a statue with skin so tight that you can’t physically move? You don’t get any of that with this mask. Absolutely none, ziltch, nada… What you DO GET is really smooth hydrated skin that feels plump and looks brighter.

Available from John Lewis or and Merumaya for £19.50 (50ml).

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  • Reply Jessica

    Sounds lovely.

  • Reply Emma Bloomward

    Love my mud masks. This brand looks really good.

    Emma xx

  • Reply Claire Knowls

    Wow, you’ve written about something I actually HAVE.. Love this mask.

  • Reply Sara Chergui

    A mud mask that’s hydrating!!! Sounds lovely.

  • Reply Georgiana

    Really great post, love the pictures, you look amazing even covered in a mask. xx

  • Reply Bethany Pine

    May need to add this to my mask collection. I use them so often.

  • Reply London Mummy

    Love how you write 🙂 Such a funny person.

  • Reply Catherine Jane

    Great pics

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