Merumaya Pure Radiance Mask

October 28, 2014

Face masks have always been something I’ve liked to have in my skincare routine. I was recently introduced to Merumaya and their wonderful Pure Radiance Mask.

One thing that really got me about the Merumaya Pure Radiance Mask was this sentence ‘How youthfully luminous and radiant would your skin look, if you had a light bulb in your mouth? The perfect pick-me-up treatment for rapidly improved luminosity.’ Just makes it sound like you’re going be getting a really speechless product right?!

Merumaya Pure Radiance Mask

If you’re looking for a something that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and cleansed while leaving it looking brighter, more even and with minimal pore than this will do everything you want and more.

The Merumaya Pure Radiance Mask is jam packed full of active ingredients that give your skin a boost by encouraging new cell turnover, and removing dead skin cells and all the nastiness in between.

After just one use my skin look totally different. Rejuvenated, radiant and just newer looking overall. Like every inch of dead old skin had been removed and beautiful soft smooth plumped skin had been left in its wake.

With the active Merumaya Pure Radiance Mask being as nourishing and softening as it is I can see it being a real staple for me over the colder months when my skin tends to get a little dryer than usual.

Pick up in store a John Lewis Bristol or buy only at John Lewis and directly from Merumaya for £19.50. A very good price given the quality and quantity of product.

PR Sample

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  • Reply Fiona White

    I’ve heard so many good things about Merumaya. This sounds really good.

  • Reply Holly Edwards

    Just had a look and their website and they look like a really nice company. I’d be interested in trying a few of their products including this mask xx

  • Reply Soyha T

    I love their Melting Cleansing Balm and use it daily. Would love to try this one out. Thanks for the lovely feature. xx

  • Reply Marie Jane

    Always in need of a good face mask. This sounds promising x

  • Reply Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask - Online Mummy

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