Michael Todd Knu Serum Eye Treatment

October 30, 2014

Just imagine being able to press the reset button for your skin. You can now age-proof your eyes and upper lip with ultra-rich Michael Todd Knu Serum Eye Treatment.

Michael Todd Knu Serum Eye Treatment

The Michael Todd Knu Serum Eye Treatment contains a miracle concoction of Resihi mushroom, Haloxyl and Eyeliss which gives you the power to stop eye aging by reducing bags, puffiness and dark circles beneath the eyes.

Sound good yet?

The Michael Todd Knu Serum Eye Treatment also works to restore hydration, reduce wrinkles, and improve elasticity for years to come. Your eye area will bounce back with a new lease of life instead of sagging and wrinkling plus all the powerful antioxidants protect against future damage and improve uneven skin.

This is like the little magic wand that every woman should own. I’ve been using it day and night for two weeks now and still can’t believe how simple it is.

When applying you get the loveliest cooling sensation which feels really good on tired eyes. I love having it as part of my morning routine as the cooling helps to wake me up.

Michael Todd Knu Serum Eye Treatment

The serum is very runny but not so much that it drips everywhere. I apply as directed, (after cleansing, pump the dispenser to bring gel onto applicator. Gently spread over the eye area, including eyelids, and work in with gentle upward strokes avoiding pulling the skin around the eyes) and I find it very easy to do so. The applicator doesn’t pull on the skin and the serum soaks in like a dream.

Once applied my eye area feels smooth and supple and even a little firmer than before use. Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed my dark under eyes getting lighter so I’m really looking forward to continuing with use to see if they will disappear altogether (a girl can wish right!).

Now this bad boy does come with a price tag of $150.00 but as it really does work I think it’s more than worth the price. Far better than getting any kind of surgery in my eyes (no pun intended) You can get it directly from the Michael Todd Website.

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  • Reply Sophie Jones

    Wow this sounds really cool! I don’t get as much sleep as I should so it would be really good if this worked for me too. Lovely post! x

  • Reply Jasmine Cross

    love Michael Todd products

  • Reply Janna P

    This sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xxx

  • Reply Amanda

    I have one of these. The cool applicator feels amazing. Great review xx

  • Reply Avangeline Cuningham

    I have been a fan of Michael Todd for so long. This sounds like such a good idea but that price….

  • Reply Roxy

    Awesome sounding product.

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