What do Millennials Want in Home Design?

November 21, 2017

A lot of the designs we see locally and nationally tend to contradict each other depending on the tastes of the household. Millennials love sleek, updated and modern designs, yet also love rustic, natural looks. Materials from nature such as stone and wood are seen as artisanal and can add a cosy, warm feel to their modernistic homes.

Natural materials

Materials like stone, yarn and wood resonate well with millennials as a centerpiece or accent to their modern homes. Having natural materials in their homes in the form of plants, wooden furniture or ornaments inspired a sense of escape from the hectic, digitally-focused world they live in. According to Eco-Business, millennial’s driving the importance of sustainable brand revolution through start-ups and the growing trend of up-cycling – it’s easy to see why incorporating nature within the home makes sense for this generation.

Pops of colour

In contrast to natural materials, it appears that millennials are drawn to LED lights around fireplaces, bedrooms and wide, blank spaces of walls. This can be drilled down even further to small pops of colour turning up in the living room through the use of coloured cushions on a neutral sofa, rugs or ornaments. Colours generally range from bold to pastel and are used to add said millennials personality, as well as points of interest to a room.


Going hand in hand with a millennials fascination with sustainability – the appeal of handmade or personalised art is very appealing. Tiles and pyramid shapes seem to resonate well due to their contrasting nature with a cosy room – adding a ‘cool’ and modernistic vibe.

Hotels around the world are beginning to take this common aspect of a millennial into their interiors in order to target this growing market, through the use of ‘instagram-worthy’ interior design complete with unusual pieces of local art.

A touch of modernity

Colourful and artistic pieces in a millennials space can be used to brighten up and modernise a neutral-coloured home. Millennials definitely like a cleaner look that is transitional as opposed to traditional.

They like a simplified home where everything is within reach (including a port outlet). This is why technology is also being incorporated into the kitchen by installing USB ports and more standard outlets for a millennials array of gadgets.

Sustainability and Practicality

Although we’ve touched on this – sustainability and practicality comes in all shapes and sizes when it comes to millennial living – hidden storage in small (but costly) condos are growing in increasing popularity due to their compactness and the minimal effort required to keep their homes clutter-free. Stacking high as opposed to finding more drawers to store their belongings actually maximised space within the rooms in their home



Christina Attrah is a Marketing Executive for Modern Garden Rooms – a premier garden room design company offering bespoke, ergonomic solutions at excellent value. We aid from everything in the initial stages of planning all the way through to installation of your garden room. From start to finish, you’ll experience a streamlined process that is uniquely transparent and highly collaborative.

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