Mimi Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask

March 16, 2015

I think it’s easy to say that I like me some Face Masks. I must have said it a few times on here by now and that’s not going to stop quite yet.

A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to try something from Mimi (MakeItMakeIt) a brand I never heard anything about before but became intrigued as soon as I looked at their website.

Mimi have somehow jumped inside my head, rummaged around (all without me knowing) and made something that I have always wished someone would. This my lovelies is a box full of amazing, skin healthy products that have all been pre-measured for you to make your own skincare items as and when you want to you them.

Mimi Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask Mimi Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask

So without further a-do I want to introduce you to the wonderful, the beautiful and the slightly scary Mimi Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask (£22).

Made from the finest 100% natural ingredients the Green Goddess Mask deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin while nourishing it to the deepest layers.

Inside the box which I must say really gives the ‘Green Goddess’ a whole other meaning. I mean all that green tissue paper, just love it! Anyway, where was I?? Oh yes, inside you’ll find:

4 pots of pre-measured clays and spirulina protein
Green Jasmine pearls
Oat Oil
Reusable hairband
Reusable mixing pot
Reusable spatula
Cotton wool pads
Instruction leaflet

The 4 pots of Green Goddess Powder contain Fine Green French Clay, Rhassoul, Dead Sea Mud and Spirulina which together gives it the delicious green colour. You won’t be finding any fake or harmful colourings here, remember I did say it was 100% natural!

Mimi Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask

When you’re ready to make up a batch of the Mimi Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask, start by popping one of the Jasmine Pearls into a small amount of hot water, wait for it to flower, infuse and cool (I just leave mine for an hour while putting the children to bed). When it’s ready add a few spoonful’s to one pot of the Green Goddess Powder and mix together till you get a thick but non lumpy paste. Finish off by adding 3-4 drops of Oat Oil and mix again.

All that’s left to do now is apply to the face, sit back and relax for 10 minutes before rinsing off to find a brighter and smoother you. (I’m talking about your skin guy’s; the mask won’t actually give you the brains of a Neurophysicist)

I can’t praise Mimi enough for this fab mask. I would definitely encourage you to pop over and take a look at their website and the other products they have on off. If I’m right in thinking, they even have a Limited Edition Chocolate Mask right now!!!

PR Sample

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  • Reply Samantha Parkhouse

    Woah Lorraine. Your photos look so profesh!!

  • Reply Eliza Jones

    Love the idea of this. It sounds so lovely for the skin.

  • Reply Ashley mommy

    This is a new brand to me too. Would love their night oil one. xx

  • Reply Roxy

    Wow this looks so good. Love the fresh masks from Lush so would really like to make my own up with this :p

  • Reply Wilhelmina Paris

    Sounds so beautiful. Bet you skin looks so good after all those ingredients work their magic.

  • Reply Jen W

    Want!! Nice photos 🙂 xxx

  • Reply With Love From Summer

    Ooo the chocolate one looks so good.

  • Reply Wendy

    Great post! Sounds like a really nice brand.

  • Reply Kimberly Anne

    I need to try this out.

  • Reply Emily Has It Covered

    Wow Love a natural face mask that still works!

  • Reply Jess Landlow

    Their body rub sounds fab!! xxx

  • Reply Annabell

    Brill review! Sounds amazing xx

  • Reply Jess

    Hi Lorraine, I love that you love MIMI! Your review made my heart sing. Thank you, Jess x
    Ps. Thanks to everyone else for their positive comments too – it’s all happening on makeitmakeit.com and @MakeItMIMI

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