Mummy Must Haves: Breast Feeding Pillow By Dreamgenii

September 6, 2012

Finding a good breastfeeding pillow has always been high on my list. With our son I didn’t get one and looking back on it I remember how much my back would hurt after feeding him, even using a pillow from our bed wouldn’t help as he would just sink into it.

This time around I set out on a mad adventure looking for something that would be great,not just for me but also for Amelia. I think I must have read about 200 reviews on nursing pillows and well to be honest that just made the choice even more difficult. I did however start to understand that most mothers want something that is firm rather than soft and that what it looks like really does matter.

This is when I found the Dreamgenii Premium Breastfeeding Pillow. I loved the way it looked and thought that the way it goes fully round your body was a really nice idea. Now I could feed my baby and be comfortable at the same time. Goodbye backache!

It not only works wonders as a nursing pillow but also as a baby nest to help babies when they are learning to sit and dont want to be held up by hands all the time. As they sit inside the middle there is no worry of them getting hurt if they topple over as the pillow is all around them.

Knowing this would be a worth while item I was more than happy to spend the £39 that’s asked for them. I’m sure you could find them for less but honestly when buying something like this I think it’s the best idea to pay the extra and get a new one.

Why Buy It:

– Elevate babies to the correct height and position for feeding
– Relieves strain on shoulders, back and tummy as you don’t have to bend forward
– Supports the lower back by encouraging a supported upright feeding position
– Becomes a sitting nest for baby which can help encourage development through movement
– Recommended by Midwives

Features & Benefits:

– Ergonomically shaped
– Securely fits around and ties into place whilst feeding
– The ideal pillow following a caesarean section
– Can be used as a secure baby nest as your baby learns to sit up
– Water resistant sponge clean inner pillow
– Padded with polyester hollowfibre

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I paid for the item. All opinions are 100% my own.


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