Mummy Must Haves: The Essential Nursing Tank By Bravado Designs

September 13, 2012

While I was pregnant I trolled the internet for tops that would allow me to nurse comfortably. I soon came across a company called Bravado Designs and felt an instant attraction. I read reviews and watched You-Tube videos and they all ended the same way, saying that The Essential Nursing Tank is a must have.

So I went ahead and bought two of them and i’ll just say, I’m so glad I did! They are supportive yet comfortable and i honestly don’t know where I would be without then. Breastfeeding is so easy while wearing them, no more having to lift your top up and expose your entire stomach while trying to feed baby.

I would recommend this top to all nursing mothers, especially if you plan to nurse in public. It has a built in bra giving you ultimate support (not just one of those thin ones you sometimes find in tops). It falls naturally and doesn’t cling to you so is perfect while your getting your pre-pregnancy body back.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I paid for the items. All opinions are 100% my own.


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