My Food: Baby Body Plan {Giveaway}

November 23, 2012

A month or so ago I contacted My Food when I found out that they do a healthy diet for breastfeeding mothers. They were kind enough to send me a weeks supply to try for free. Everything was great, there wee lots of varieties (some I had never though of trying but worked really well together) In the week of doing the Baby Body Plan I did some light exercise and I lost 4lbs which is one of the reasons I am so excited to share this post with you all so here we are:

About My Food baby body plan

Designed to give you the nutrients you need to regain both your energy and figure after childbirth. Giving birth is physically demanding and can drain you of key vitamins and minerals. B vitamins, calcium and magnesium are used up in energy production and muscle contractions. Additional nutrients are also required to speed up the healing process and minimize scarring.

During your baby’s growth in the womb you will have supplied him/her with important nutrients. Large amounts of essential fats and zinc are required for the baby’s brain development and can leave you deficient in these nutrients also needed for your own brain function! Now you hold your beautiful baby in your arms but your body must keep giving, as the quality of your breast milk depends on your health and your diet.

Eating a balanced nutritious diet after childbirth can:
– promote the healing of sore tissues
– help restore your abdomen and uterus to its former size
– replenish stores of nutrients
– ensure nutrient rich breast milk

Your Baby Body Breast Feeding Plan includes:
– 3 meals per day* totalling approx 1200 calories
– Meals are freshly prepared, ready to “eat” or “heat & eat”
– Delivered weekly in a chilled hamper
– 3 delicious “Essential Fat Snacks” each 200 calories of goodness
– As you need to consume an extra 500 calories to feed your baby these snacks ensure a steady supply of calories to enable your body to produce the milk your baby needs
– Herbal tea, as hydration is vital whilst breast feeding|
– Personalised easy to follow menu

My body do lots of other diet plans such as New Body, Blitz Body, 3 in 3 (3 stone in 3 months), Gluten free and many many more. They also have a large range of diet plans for men and not to mention their Takeaway inspired food (which is healthy), which includes te following meals:

Aromatic Indian
Poppadoms, Mango Chutney & Yogurt Raita
Chicken Masala or Vegetable Masala
Berry Burst Dessert

Vibrant Mexican
Spicy Salsa with Corn Tortilla Chips
Beef Chilli or Three Bean Chilli
both served with Brown Rice
Berry Burst Dessert

Classic Italian
Fresh Tomato Bruschetta with Mixed Olives
Parma Ham & Vegetable Spelt Pizza
or Mediteranean Vegetable Spelt Pizza
Berry Burst Dessert

Fragrant Thai
Thai Crackers with Sweet Chilli Dip
Thai Chicken Curry or Thai Vegetable Curry
both served with Rice Noodles
Berry Burst Dessert

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GIVEAWAY RULES: {please read carefully}

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You can enter by logging into the Rafflecopter through Facebook or just by using your name/email. (please use your real name and e-mail as this is how I will be contacting the winner!)

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. My Food sent me a weeks supply to. All opinions are 100% my own.


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