My Long, Lean, Dancer Leg Workout

August 24, 2013

Ok guys so get ready for it! Here is my leg workout as promised…careful though – you will be on fire when you’re finished.


The workout consists of 5 sets of movements back to back. 30 reps for each movement and then repeat 3 times.

Squat – Twist – Lift
Crescent Lunge Right Leg
Crescent Lunge Left Leg
Leg Adduction Right Leg
Leg Adduction Left Leg
Side Slimmer Right Leg
Side Slimmer Left Leg
Toe Bridge
Single Leg Bridge Right Leg
Single Leg Bridge Left Leg

Then just like with the arms, we move onto the next lot of sets but this time we will be doing 40 reps and again repeat 3 times.

Front Leg Raise Right Leg
Front Leg Raise Left Leg
Side Leg Raise Right Leg
Side Leg Raise Left Leg
Back Leg Lift Right Leg
Attitude Pulse Right Leg
Back Leg Lift Left Leg
Attitude Pulse Left Leg
Inner Calf Raise
Outer Calf Raise
Calf Raise

Again – if you don’t know what any of these movements are then a quick google search with help you out!

Let me know how you did and what you thought!

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