My Protein MyPre Workout Review

June 29, 2016

Hey guys, coming at you with a pre workout review today. How many of you have heard about the brand My Protein? I’ve been trying there MyPre pre workout for the past month and wanted to touch base on my thoughts for any of you that are interested (I know a lot of you are into fitness).

A pre workout with a punch, MyPre contains a concoction of fatigue fighting, performance pumping, focus increasing and recovery enhancing ingredients that are suitable for both males and females.

Unlike a lot of pre workouts I’ve tried, I didn’t get the dreaded Beta Alanine itch. I did however; find myself feeling really sick for a good 5-6 hours after finishing my workout. I also couldn’t get to sleep till 4 in the morning as my mind was buzzing (so maybe best to take this for a morning workout).

I find that having just the 1 scoop works best for me as two scoops gives me more caffeine than I can handle (which seems odd for a huge coffee drinker). I still get a really good boost to my workout with the 1 scoop and I don’t get any of the sick feelings.

MyPre mixes really well into water and gives a smooth drink without any nasty lumpy bits or chalkiness. I find it really refreshing to drink which is always a plus.

Available in 6 flavours MyPre covers tastes for everyone. I’ve been using the Blue Raspberry flavour and it’s pretty good. Not too sweet or sour. It comes in 500g tubs which contain 30 servings. At a cost of £24.99.

Have any of you tried MyPre? How did it work for you?

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  • Reply Richard Ivanhoe Romagna

    I just tired it, could not finish my workout , just stayed in the gym for about 1h 20min, then I started to feel dizzy, tired, anxious , paranoid and went home. It has passed at least 3 hour since I left the gym and I still feel sick. I have no appetite whatsoever , which is quite weird since since I love to eat.
    I am quite concerned about this product sincerely and maybe I should not take it again.
    I took half scoop, tomorrow I will try with less then half and see what happen… I hope I will not die LOL

    I am from Italy, I hope you understand my poor english lol

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