What I got in my recent CardNest Subscription Delivery

March 20, 2015

You may have seen a post I write a few months ago about a wonderful new subscription service for cards (which you can read about here). A few weeks ago I got another collection (sent out in Feb for March) and they are super cute that I just wanted to show you what you could be getting if you signed up for a subscription to CardNest.

Thanks Ever So Much”designed by Emily VanHoff .

CardNest March Collection
I love this card, I have a bit of a thing for typography and love the colours in this.

Whale Of A Time” designed by Carolina Buzio.

CardNest March Collection
This is such a sweet and adorable card and will definitely be used for one of my children’s friends birthdays. Seriously, how cute is the whale!

Margarita Time” designed by Felicita Sala.

CardNest March Collection
As soon as I saw this card I knew how I would be sending it to. There is something on the family with a very big event coming up and I know she will love this card.

Remember the CardNest subscription is just £7.50 a month for UK membership and £10 for international plus £1.86 for three first class stamps (the same price you’d pay at the post office).

Look out for the April collection which I’ll be posting about in 2 weeks.

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  • Reply Tamara Leanne

    What a great idea. They all look beautiful and your photos are spot on! You should go into product photography 🙂 xxxx

  • Reply Charis Rose

    Lovely cards! I could do with the tank you one right about now. x

    • Reply CardNest

      Thank you! The ‘thanks ever so much’ design has been a real hit! 🙂

  • Reply Shannon M

    I love sending cards to people. There’s nothing better than getting a lovely hand written card or note through the post. These are wonderful and such a great idea. Well done to Card Nest!!!

    • Reply CardNest

      Thank you Shannon! 🙂 it’s amazing how we’re going full circle now. Text messages, email and the likes of Facebook have come in (and certainly do help us keep in touch) but there’s nothing like some surprise post waiting for you from someone who wanted to just saying ‘hello’. Feel free to have a look at what’s in the post this month at https://www.cardnest.com/pages/our_collection 🙂

  • Reply Erika

    Lovely prints. That whale is too sweet.

    • Reply CardNest

      Thanks Erika! That was done by the super talented Carolina Buzio, who has also done two other designs for us! She’s great!

  • Reply Emma Dunaway

    Wonderful idea. I always forget to buy cards so building up a stock pile of them would be great. Amazing photos x

    • Reply CardNest

      Thank you Emma, lovely to hear! It’s certainly useful! We also offer subscribers the option to add-on three first class stamps to each delivery, to lend a helping hand 🙂

  • Reply Wilhelmina Paris

    Love that you can get additional stamps too. Makes it so easy to write out a card and pop it in the post box!

    • Reply CardNest

      We were just saying the same thing to Emma above! It makes it really handy. The add-on for the stamps costs the same as what you’d pay at the post office too. Super convenient!

  • Reply Taylor Ferris

    My son would love that whale card. So cute!

    • Reply CardNest

      Almost too nice to part with! Thanks for the lovely comment, Taylor.

  • Reply Gail Heather

    Another lovey set of cards!

  • Reply Nicolette

    These are so nice. I love getting cards in the mail and having ones that don’t look anything like all the ones you buy in the supermarket is lovely.

    • Reply CardNest

      Thank you Nicolette! Lovely to hear! We try to curate a unique range, plus all the designs are exclusively designed for us by the artists, so you can’t find them anywhere else. Which makes it all the more exciting! Check out what we’re posting out to subscribers this month here: https://www.cardnest.com/pages/our_collection

  • Reply Tina

    This is such a good idea!

  • Reply CardNest

    Thanks so much for the lovely review and kind words, Lorraine. So pleased you liked that month’s collection! Looking forward to hearing what you thought of April’s cards!

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